Body Stiff…Mind Stiff: My Yoga Experience

2 July 10, 2017 By Dang

My instructor at my gym has been trying to introduce me to Yoga. I have tried it, but really can’t remember the experience so today, I decided to join the yoga class at the gym

I got to the gym late so people had already started stretching. Space was a little cramped so I arranged my mat on the last row and emulated the instructor. ” hips apart, roll down, grab your elbows, swing from side to side. Place your palms down, open your palms up to the sky. Bring your nose to your knees” Etc etc…

Gosh!!!! My body is not as flexible as I thought, but that was not the real issue

The lady in front of me had a big bum. The whole thing was splattered in my face anytime I looked up from my bent position. I asked myself “should I move? Is that a nice thing to do? I think she’ll notice. But What if she farts?”

Sigh… I decided to stay put, there are bigger problems in life, children are hungry in IDP camps

“Close your eyes, draw your attention inward…Inhale…exhale…hands over your head….bring it down slowly…thumbs on your heartbeat…inhale…exhale…repeat” This is the instructor’s voice. Oh shoot! I didn’t remember to take the stew out of the freezer for breakfast. Then I started calculating the money my customer paid into my account yesterday. Oh my God, I don’t think the money was complete. I immediately wanted to get up to my phone, but I stayed put

I think I heard my phone ring. Okay that’s not my phone

Like a fly, I felt a breath by my ear and simultaneously a voice…”you are not breathing dear”. I was so startled I almost had a whiplash. It was the instructor. But Why get so close to my ear and speak so quietly? So I asked, “when is this class over? He said, “we have just begun”

Nah mhen. This wasn’t a good idea. 45minutes of this and I’ll go brain dead since I keep forgetting to breathe. I left my mat, picked up my water bottle and phone then sneaked out

No one noticed


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