Movie Review: Picture Perfect AKA “Don’t Be a Filanderer”

1 July 09, 2017 By Dang

Picture Perfect is a movie about life’s unexpected turns, second chances, redemption and a typical example of how we judge people by their appearance and not their depth. The movie features Mary Remmy Njoku, Bisola Aiyeola and Bolanle Ninolowo. Written and produced by Biodun Stephens, Directed by Tope Alake

Bisola (Kiksy) didn’t disappoint at all. As a supporting actress, she was funny, loyal and non-judgemental. I could totally relate. The main actress, Mary Njoku (Kumbi) did well too although I wish she had taken time out to perfect her Yoruba accent

Picture Perfect had the most amazing actor, Bolanle Ninolowo, as Jobe outdoing himself. Just as Tom Cruise carried the movie “mission impossible on his back”, Bolanle Ninolo carried Picture Perfect. There was no doubt he put in a lot of hard work and it paid off!

Jobe is a miscreant whose life was not a typical example of how a responsible man should live, but this miscreant is the most emotional miscreant I’ve ever seen. In his own way, he showed love, integrity, empathy and most of all responsibility.

This is a love story but not a romantic one. It’s a story of a desperate need between a man and the child he may never meet. Picture Perfect got me sitting up, smiling sheepishly, contemplating what would happen next. It became so emotional at some point, tears rolled down freely from my eyes and wham! Something else happens that sends me into a fit of hysterical laughter

The movie also opened up my mind to possibilities. It made me believe that everyone has a story, deserves a chance and we should never judge a book by its cover.

I am excited to tell you that this movie is the best story I’ve seen told by a Nollywood movie in recent times

I would have rated Picture Perfect 5 stars but the sequence of the film was a little sharp/abrupt, the extras were conscious of the camera and the guest star, Queen Salawa Abeni’s acting wasn’t top notch

I was indeed pleasantly surprised because I was already frustrated the movie started over one hour late. I know Nigerians are typically late but waiting for over an hour already set me in a bad mood. However, all my pent up frustration quickly dissipated into curious excitement

I strongly recommend this movie. Take a friend with you and I can promise you, you’ll argue about what will happen next, almost slap the actors through the screen for their decisions and get surprised with a gladdened heart at the end of the movie. I will watch it again!


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