Caught in The Act: Domestic Staff Chronicles

2 July 08, 2017 By Dang

I went jogging yesterday as usual but forgot to use my fit bit. I was already at the end of the street before I realised this and contemplated not going back but for some weird reasons, I always feel like I work out better when I use it. I turned back and headed home

I knocked at the gate but no one answered, I wondered why security would leave his post at that time of the night. I knocked again, still no one came out so I put my hands in between the gate railings and opened it from inside. The house was dead silent. I began to panic a little bit and wondered if we were being robbed. For this reason, I tiptoed to the back of the house and as I got closer, I began to hear voices

Female: Stop. I don tell you o, I go report you to aunty o
Male: Why you go report? Say wetin I do now?
[He laughs lightly]

The female voice was my help and the male was the security

Ehen?! Is this what goes on when I’m away from home? I attached myself to the wall, removed my hat and slightly peeked so I would see for a fact what was happening

Female: Nothing wey you fit talk I no go do anything with you
Male: The one wey we don day do wetin be that one ? Ehn? wetin be that one?

Ahhhh…these people!

Mr security laughed heartily like what he said was hilarious. Then he kissed her. She kissed him back but quickly pulled away. Mr. security immediately grabbed her back in his arms. I’ve never seen my help look so foolish…she laughed and pretended to push him away

I had had enough fun. It was time to step in

I stepped away from the wall and announced my presence. “Well done o. Is this why you left the gate unmanned because you people want to do hide and seek at the back?” My help jumped out of the security’s arm, rushed towards me, went down on her knees chanting. “Blood of Jesus….Blood of Jesus…Aunty please, Aunty please…”. I know I shouldn’t have but I laughed out loud

I asked her to go back inside, gave the security a stern warning, picked up my Fitbit and went back to trying to get a coke bottle body

It’s been days and I haven’t addressed the issue with her. She’s a very good girl but I want her to have some sleepless nights about it. Plus the way she is willing to please me extra these days…I’m not sure I want to address the matter for now


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  1. Maid Whisperer

    LOL. I think you can milk the situation for as long as you wish. I also think for her sake, you can have a frank conversation with her that would make her understand the realities and consequences of her “play”. Is she ready. Is she really in love with the guy? Because, truth is if she thinks she is, it will continue under your roof. That warning to the security man won’t be enough. Their emotions and “love rush” will take over a better part of their minds. Play the “what if you get pregnant scenario for her”. Her future etc. I hope i’m not taking this thing too seriously sha. Lol. #Natheworkweywedeydo.



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