Between Sheraton Lagos Hotel La Giara Restaurant and DANG

2 July 07, 2017 By Dang

Between Sheraton Lagos Hotel La Giara Restaurant and DANG

Foodies and Non Foodies, get in here, it’s time to “jealous” me

When I knew I was going to have lunch at Sheraton Lagos hotel Le Giara Restaurant,  I refused to eat anything throughout  the day, I didn’t even snack on my favourite plantain chips. Ain’t nobody going to an Italian restaurant with a full stomach

Entering the restaurant, the first thing I noticed was the Italian music. It wasn’t too loud but it was audible enough to cause you to pay attention. Like when you have music in your ears but you can still concentrate on the task at hand. Inside the restaurant, it felt like there’s an invisible door…like a quiet cave in an open space. I wonder how I didn’t hear the lobby noise. My favourite part was I could see the kitchen and the chef, I don’t know if it’s just me but I like restaurants with visible kitchens, it makes me feel like I’m home

I had barely sat down before the menu was brought to me. The host was smiling but I wasn’t paying her much attention. “Can we eat please, no need to come and faint in A LA CARTE o”. I muttered under my breath. Those who know me know I’m grumpy when hungry so no smile is welcome until there’s something edible going down my throat.

I’ll take you through my meal and I’ll try my best to be as detailed as possible. If you salivate, I can’t help you.

Salad: Celery and Apple Insalata – Thinly Sliced apple,lemon, parsley, Dijon mustard, Olive Oil

Jaayyysuuuuu!!! Let me tell you, I will never eat apple like a village girl again. If there’s no lemon to go with it and Dijon Mustard, I am not “arand”. I had a slice of apple that was already dipped and slathered with olive and Dijon mustard and thought it tasted really good, then I squeezed some Lemon juice on it. The sweet and sour taste made me close my eyes in ecstasy and my taste bud gave all the glory to Jesus.  I repeat, never ever will I eat apple the same again

Starter: Pastella Calamari- Fried Calamari in barter served with lemon wedges and tarter sauce

Crunchy and Soft at the same time is how I’d describe this. I chose this starter because I mostly like to dip anything fried in tartar sauce. However, I found that the calamari was also well seasoned, I could eat all by itself. But I didn’t, I was there for the full experience so I slathered my fried calamari with TARTAR sauce and…I tasted every seasoning at once before they began to break down in my mouth and I could individually taste all the seasoning. The calamari was cooked perfectly. I really enjoyed this one

Wine: Jordan Unoaked Chardonnay 

I’m not a fan of red wine and I hate to drink champagne in the afternoon. I eventually ordered for South African Chardonnay. I have tasted better but I have also tasted way worse. So I’ll rate the Jordan Unoaked 3.5/5

Pasta:  Cannelloni Di Mare – Fresh Pasta Rolls Stuffed with Tomatoe Sauce, White Fish, Calamari, Shrimps Topped with Béchamel

I’m a pasta fan. The major reason I haunt down Italian restaurants abroad. I’ve never had this meal before because as a yoruba girl, every food must have hot sauce but I decided it was time to try something different. If you’re a sea food lover like I am, you will love this DISH. Instead of the traditional roll, the tomato sauce and seafood was placed below a thick layer of Pasta and cheese. All you have to do is slice with a knife and watch the sauce spill out in heavenly goodness. This meal looks good, but it tastes even better!

Main Course: Costolette Di Angelo – Lamb Rack wrapped in a herb crust, with rosemary cream, gratin potatoes and baby vegetables

At this time, I was full. But my host insisted I tried it since it was the last meal. I told her, I’m eating just one and the remaining can be packed for me to go. So I placed a lamb rack on my plate and added a little bit of gravy. Wham! Lamb almost melted in my mouth. I sat up straight, pleasantly surprised at the texture of the meat but I wasn’t surprised when I cleared the plate- gravy and lamb, I finished IT all

Desert: Crostata al Limone – Lemon tart, with lemon with Lemon Marmalade, basil and honey drizzle

This was served to me by the desert chef himself. I had to beg him with a straight face “please can you pack this for me, I can’t even drink a drop of water in my state”. He smiled and said in a way only chefs can “just take a bite and we’ll pack the remaining for you”. I tasted a small slice and sighed in resignation. It was so good I contemplated eating more but I really couldn’t. So it was nicely packed in a to go bag

It took me a while to get up and walk to my car. I was seriously stuffed but I regret nothing! I genuinely had a good time AT Sheraton Lagos Hotel La Giara Restaurant and I would definitely visit again

I hope next time though, the cutlery arrangement is perfectly set so I don’t use the same spoon I used in serving my salad to also serve my pasta.

If you can guess correctly which of the meals excited my tastebud the most, you win a free couple’s dinner at Sheraton Lagos Hotel La Giara Restaurant. For me to pick a winner, you’d have to be following @sheratonhotellagos


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