My Husband Was A Serial Cheat But When I Cheated Once, He Filed For Divorce

1 July 04, 2017 By Dang

My Husband Was A Serial Cheat But When I Cheated Once, He Filed For Divorce

If anyone ever mentioned that I would cheat on my husband, I definitely would have looked at the person as crazy

My husband was a serial cheat in our 7 Year marriage. Although he loves his family and never denied us of his time, I knew when there was a new girl in his life. I would confront him and cry and send emails and he would apologise, buy me something nice and promise to stop.

He finally stopped. For about a year, I knew we had him 100% at home. Everyone was happy but then, I started to feel empty.There is a time you’ll get to in your marriage that you feel as if you’re stuck in a rotation and need to breath. Nothing was enough anymore, not even my happy family. My husband tried to get me out of the bad mood by sending me flowers, selfies of himself, having random sex and taking me out on dates. This frustrated me even more because I felt he was overcompensating, so I asked him to let me be for a while, I would get out of my funk.

I met Mr M at the grocery store. We were both buying snacks for our kids and we got talking. He seemed interesting and rich enough and since I am a marketer in a bank, I took his number and promised to give him a call to discuss what my bank can do for him. Mr M and I met up the next day, that was how we started talking more than 3 times a day on the phone and texting all the time. He lifted my spirit, I was happier,I got my groove back and my husband could finally breathe around me. When he asked me what changed, I told him it was because I had started working out. This is partly true because I started running on the lekki bridge for 45m-1hr just so I could talk to Mr. M without anyone finding out.

I managed the home front perfectly and left no trace of Mr.M on my phone. Things changed when we had sex. I must confess, I enjoyed the emotional connection more than the physical connection. I didn’t feel like I was cheating before but after the sex, it dawned on me I had become the woman I said I would never be. I felt extremely terrible and cut Mr. M off. I then became more clingy with my husband, gave him more attention and focused more on my family. I was done with Mr. M but he wasn’t done with me. He would send me messages recounting our sexual encounter and begging me to pick his calls to end things properly if that’s what I wanted

My husband saw one of these messages one day and had a full conversation with Mr. M pretending to be me. As soon as I saw him chatting away on my phone, I knew something was terribly wrong. I went back into the kitchen, shaking in my boots and praying to God to help me. When my he came in to the kitchen, he was so mad he threw my phone at me. He is not a violent man but that day, I saw in his eyes he was capable of murder. He screamed at me about how much of a bad mother I was, how I was trying to hurt him and that he could never forgive me

I was ashamed of myself and I begged for his forgiveness. That night was the only time he raised his voice at me. Since then, he stopped talking to me about anything other than the children. I did everything I could to beg him including involving our pastor but he said he couldn’t look at me the same way. After 6 months, I received the divorce papers. As I write this, I have not reminded him once that he once once a serial cheat whom I constantly forgave. I leave that to him to figure out

Even though I regret what happened, I now see that he held himself to a higher authority where he was the only one allowed to make mistakes and deserved forgiveness. I have not signed the divorce papers, I have not moved out of the house. I have stopped apologising.

We both are playing the waiting game but I hurt, knowing I gave him all those chances and I don’t deserve one

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