Hello Bae?

14 July 01, 2017 By Dang

Hello Bae?

I took myself to a lunch date recently. While I was enjoying my food and going through Instagram, I felt someone stand in front of me. I looked up to find a Mr. Tall, Yellow and handsome smiling at me. “What does this one want?” I thought to myself. I don’t like yellow guys so in my mind I was already shooing him away. But my mama raised me right, so I smiled back

“Hi. Are you expecting someone?” He asked me. I really love my alone time and hate to be interrupted, but I wasn’t going to lie that I was alone so I shook my head. Without asking, he sat with me, replacing my bag with his bum, and then holding my bag on his laps. Okay…he didn’t hand over my bag to me, and he didn’t mind holding it on his laps either. Pass mark

We ended up talking for 2 hours and finding that we had so much in common. I found out we had some associates in common, he liked to travel and write hand written letters. WAWU! I was shocked at that and I relaxed more as the conversation went on. I had to go to work but he didn’t seem like he was in a hurry at all, so I said politely “I have to go, I’ve spent more time here than I should”. He quickly took my phone, asked that I open it, he then typed in his number and dialled. I smiled inside, I like confident guys

Before I slept that day, he called me twice. The next day, he asked me to dinner. I had a really full day so I declined. Around 7.30pm, he called to ask if I was done for the day, I told him I was on my way home and really tired. Mr. Yellow asked for my address and I gave it to him. IN an hour, he was at my gate. I wasn’t gong to allow him in so I sat with him in his car only to find out he brought flowers and food. I love flowers, I mentioned it the previous day and it tickled my heart that he remembered.

As the days passed, I stopped seeing the yellow man, I started seeing a kind man who just wanted to make me happy. He made me laugh a lot and is not only kind to me, but everyone around him. I’ve started seeing flaw too, but none that I cannot live with. Like asking “where are you?” Nigerian style. I really hate that question especially when it’s used as a conversation opener. The first time he asked me that, I responded “why?”. He said “Just asking”. I replied “Is it relevant?” I heard him chuckle and he moved on for that. He hasn’t stopped asking, I have started telling him where I am to avoid back and forth. I see it’s a habit for him, so I try to overlook it

Fingers crossed, its just been a month but Mr. Yellow is looking good. DANG may have found the one, I won’t be ashamed to come back here to tell you if he turns out not to be the one. The struggle shall continue

I just told you a story of one of the MANY ways I’ve imagined to meet future husband. My day dreams are EPIC!


14 comments on “Hello Bae?

  1. Reine

    Don’t we all dream od the perfect way to meet “the one.” But life always has a different plan.. Really nice read


  2. Bumstical

    hahhahahahahahahahahahahaha..I must have laughed like an hyena here……I love your imagination girlfriend..awesome piece. i wish I can write like this again-never say never


  3. Flow...

    You are quite the joker… i was already thinking of the type of agbada I was gonna wear… already checking the Prada website for shoe sizes… nonsense upon ingridents!


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