Woman ‘faints in shock’ After Breaking a £34,000 Bracelet by Accident While Trying it on At A Shop in China

3 June 29, 2017 By Dang

One time while I was on vacation in New York, I told myself it was time for me to enter one of those diamond stores on 5th Avenue. The people that were coming in and going out do not have two heads please. So I waltzed in, head held high, looking good and feeling good. Very happy with myself

I was quickly attended to by a nice lady whose smile seemed to be permanently plastered on. I said to myself “what will happen when I don’t buy anything?”. I then remembered Blair Waldorf, she shopped like she was managing life and she couldn’t be bothered with smiling anyhow. So I mimicked her expression: Poker face on, turning my nose up at most of the attendant’s suggestions

I eventually saw a lovely sapphire and diamonds in platinum stud earrings, worth a little over $16,000. The lady helped me put it on. It was so beautiful I just wanted to leave it on. However, humility fell on me, so I started unscrewing the hook while the attendant hurried away. Maybe my hands shook because the hook slipped off. I stood there frozen, holding my ear with both of my hands to prevent the stud from falling off too

The platinum hook was no where in sight. I just stood there and waited for the attendant to come back. I was so scared I would be asked to buy the earring since I had misplaced the hook. Oh God! My eyes welled up with tears and Blair Waldorf’s spirit immediately left me

While still standing on the same spot, the attendant brought a bracelet to match. I said to her calmly, “The hook fell off, could you please help me look for it?”. She smiled nicely, went on her knees and within seconds, was back up with the hook. I gently removed the earring and gave her back her problem.

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Her nice smile still in place she said “Would you be interested in the bracelet too?”. I thought to myself “It’s like this one wants to be unfortunate”. Instead I said “No thank you. I won’t be buying anything today”. She smiled politely and gave me her card

What happened to this Chinese woman could have happened to me. The devil was out to get me that day but God of Zachariah won the battle


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