Nothing Beats Self Love

2 June 29, 2017 By Dang

Nothing Beats Self Love

Some weeks back, I played a game with my friend. We were to tell each other five things we loved about the other and five things we wished the other would improve on.”

After mentioning that she loved how strong and hardworking I was, my friend said “I love that you love your body. I like that you are proud of you and your body.”

She said it just like that and I thought about it.

You see I’ve always been big. Right from secondary school, you could never call me slim but I loved it. I’ve maintained almost the exact size since then and it causes me no unhappiness what so ever.

I love my thick frame, I love my butt, my boobs, my supposedly big legs. I love me. What isn’t there to love about me?

My friends know this. You aren’t allowed to bad talk my body. Kilode? I own it not you and in as much as I am comfortable in it, I do not think your opinion matters.Read:5 Types Of People You Should Kick Out Of Your Life

Because of this, there is no where I do not go, nothing I don’t do. I am always physically and mentally active because I do not see my size as a barrier. I never thought being proud of my body was any achievement until it occurred to me that some people are actually living unhappy lives because they think they are flawed.

People, self love is key. Nothing beats that. It is totally unhealthy for you to sit down and wallow in unhappiness just because you feel ‘Sandra’s legs are better than yours. Or because ‘Chisom’s butt are firmer and higher than yours.

Trust me when I tell you that Chisom wishes her skin could be as velvety as yours, and Sandra wishes her hair to be as lustrous as yours. If you don’t appreciate yourself, your body, how do you expect others too? It starts with you.

Love the skinny thighs, the flat butt, the dark skin, the fat cheeks. Love yourself!

And please, surround yourself with people that see the best in you, that love you for YOU!

I read a quote somewhere I cannot exactly remember and it read “And if I ask you to name all the things(people) you love, how long would it take you till you named yourself!”

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