My Husband is Still In Love with His Ex Girlfriend

5 June 23, 2017 By Dang

My Husband is Still In Love with His Ex Girlfriend

How did I get here.
How did I let this happen to me
Is it my fault that he is who he is
What else am I supposed to do
I have nothing left to give
He can chat with his ex girlfriend, I can’t or can I
I don’t know why he hasn’t stopped
It baffles me to no end.
He must have really loved her.
She was his one.
I am the the replacement or the make shift one
I wish all of this was clear before I had children. I would have walked away..
I will not take responsibility for his actions
It is not my failure. It is not my cross ..
Maybe one should ask, why, he even bothered..
Perhaps I could have had another.
I strive to be an excellent wife but he won’t even tell me the simple things. I don’t want to go into my non-challence phase.
It will hurt.. the kids especially..
I am not his missing rib..
I don’t think I ever was
It’s truly a shame because I had a lot of plans for him, plans for us
He doesn’t tell me anything
We dont plan together
What kind of marriage is that
I am so mad at myself…
Keeps saying there is nothing yet data shows otherwise..
I should never have trusted him.. should never have…
He is not worthy of my love…
Some Siblings act funny, he does nothing…
I have to seriously reconsider , if this is where I want to be for the rest of my life.. I cannot continue to look over my shoulder..
I thought I had tried to avoid this life, I really thought I did

Written by Anonymous


5 comments on “My Husband is Still In Love with His Ex Girlfriend

  1. Anonymous

    My dear, there is nothing God cannot need to go spiritual. relate with one or two men or women of God will not forget you in their prayers. every 12 or 3am…pour ur heart to God, praise him n be a good wife. You will testify. the ex is an instrument d devil wants to use to kip u from marital bliss. you must enjoy ur marriage.


  2. Cecilia

    Love is something you cannot control,it is only those who have been in love that will understand this,it sometimes makes one act like a fool,it is not his fault that he fell in love in the first place but it is his fault that he married someone that he wasn’t in love with,it is a feeling that at times never goes away no matter how one tries,so,the question is are you willing to live with him irrespective it or leave the marriage,the reality is that he may never fall out of love with his ex……that is not to say he doesn’t love/respect you but he is not in love with you.



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