Candid Chat with Odion: A Man Whose Wife Was Forced To Solely Provide For The Family After He Lost His Job

6 June 22, 2017 By Dang

I have known Odion’s family for over 5 years. When he lost his job, I became even more envious of his wife. She would tell me “I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop. He’s making this so hard for me to complain”

As much as I can, I’ll bring stories of good marriages to this blog because it shows that if this can work, ours will too. The irony is, people who have really good marriages are very private.

We had this chat last year July. When I asked Odion if it was okay for me to share his picture alongside the story, he didn’t mind but his wife blatantly refused. She was worried people would disrespect him in the comment section

See below a summary of  our chat

DANG: How much less do you actually earn than your wife

Odion: I don’t even bring in up to 10% of what she earns. And you know I don’t have a steady hustle so even that is shaky

DANG: Why do you think she never disrespects you?

Odion: (Laughs) I make it really hard for her to. You know when I was with my former company and I was earning way more than her I never allowed her pay for anything. She bought all her expensive bags and shoes with her salary. So now that things are this way, I try not to let her come home to any stress. I see how hard it is for her not to buy all those things anymore and I feel terrible. So I go to the gym, stay fit and healthy, I stay up to date on all kinds of news so I update her when she gets back. No matter how small the amount, I still contribute to school fees of the kids. I also don’t sit around the house waiting for something to drop on my laps. I keep hustling and doing all I can to help her. It is never easy for a woman alone to carry her family

DANG: Do you ever have ego trips or feel less than a man sometimes?

Odion: I don’t know about ego but I get really frustrated about this situation sometimes. And I take it out on her. Guess what? That’s when she wears her bum shorts, goes into the kitchen, makes my favourite meal. Plays music, gives me a lap dance. If she had plans to go out, she cancels and lurks around the house. This enough makes me want to hug her tight. It is not easy for both of us

DANG: Does she get frustrated too?

Odion: Oh yes! But she tries not to get upset at the same time as me. Sometimes we’re both edgy at the same time so we have a little argument but that’s it. I notice when we are spending a lot of money on something we didn’t plan for, she becomes irritable. She usually doesn’t complain but I know her, she’s trying not to scream. Talking to her won’t help so I just sit beside her and watch TV or send her a message praying for her

DANG: I’m sorry you both are going through this

Odion: Don’t be, we both have faith in each other. We will be fine.


6 comments on “Candid Chat with Odion: A Man Whose Wife Was Forced To Solely Provide For The Family After He Lost His Job

  1. DANG lover

    If only most families can be like this… God bless your home and surely HE sees your faith in each other, he will reward you with the best soon. Keep believing


  2. Zaynab

    Love couldn’t be more real and true than this. This gives unmarried ones hope despite the increasing cases of divorce.


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