Why Do Men and Women Prefer Male Bosses?

1 June 19, 2017 By Dang

Why Do Men and Women Prefer Male Bosses?

Having asked a lot of people questions and done some online research, I found out men and women alike would rather NOT work with female bosses. See their reasons below

1. Incapable of leaving their personal lives at home
2. Women are petty
3. Too happy to gossip about their colleagues
4. Feel threatened by colleagues.
5. Form cliques
6. Quite unreasonable
7. Clamour too much for respect
8. Too competitive and participate in office politics
9. Less approachable

Some women prefer male bosses because they can flirt their way to a promotion and get away with extra curricular activities. Some men say they would rather want to drink and hang out with their male bosses to form a bond which is unlikely to happen if their boss is female

The above list irks me because I have worked with men who have the above attributes. I believe women in leadership or management positions are judged unfairly because they act the same way as men which some people find off-putting. When women are firm and assertive she’s seen as aggressive . When a man does the same thing, he seen as strong and in control

I know it has been deeply instilled in us to see leadership as a male role, presided by a dominant figure, completive and in charge. The expectation of women is that they’re supposed to be gentle, nurturing and nice. However, I wonder why people assume that a boss lady cannot be in charge and nurturing at the same time.

I agree that there are women who could be difficult bosses but I ascribe this to them being under pressure to meet up to standard. Women leaders also owe it to ourselves to change this bias by helping more women instead of seeing them as useless or competition. We should also not be quick to judge one another rather give enough room to prove ourselves to one another

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On the other hand, lets all (male and female) try to be fair in our assumptions about how men or women should ‘behave’. A boss should be seen as such and treated as such despite their gender.

For me, The bottom line is women don’t necessarily make worse bosses. They are just perceived as such

Be honest: do you have a preference for a male or female boss? Why?


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