Movie Review: “Isoken” AKA Oyibo No Dey Give Up

4 June 18, 2017 By Dang

I usually don’t look into the actors in a movie, I mostly check who directed the movie. When I saw Jade Osiberu as writer, producer and director of Isoken, I wondered how anyone would take all that on at her first try. However, I have recently resolved to see more Nigerian movies so off to the cinema I went

Isoken features Dakare Akande (Isoken) as the main character, supported by Funke Akindele, Damilola Adegbite, Lydia Forson, Joseph Benjamin, Patrick Doyle and the very sexy Oyibo, Marc Rhys

Joseph Benjamin did well as a detached but ambitious Lagos boy. Handsome, fantastic apartment, from a good home and showed love affluently. Funke Akindele didn’t speak bad grammar(THANK GOD) but she was still refreshingly funny. Damilola Adegbite was the gentle friend, Tina Mba the over dramatic mother, Lydia Forson, is my best character after fine boy Marc Ryhs. When you watch the movie, you’ll find out why

Isoken’s story line is all too familiar to a lot of ladies: Over 30, single, has a successful life, but is being pressured by mum to go get a husband anyway she can find him, to make things worse, her two younger sisters are already married. Masters and Phd don’t matter, to mum, marriage defines a woman. The movie also looks into inter racial relationships and how we’re all just humans with beating hearts at the end of the day

The movie is emotional, dramatic and funny. It also re-enforces the need to never settle based on pressure, to listen to your heart and speak up even if your voice shakes. Isoken found herself stuck in between going for what was deemed right by her family and what she knew was right. Dakore made the character believable as you could see the emotions through her eyes, she is definitely not an over dramatic actress, but she is very believable

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Of course, so many things resonates with me in this movie, having gotten engaged and went being through the emotional turmoil of how to tell my family that this wasn’t what I wanted. The only part I wish had happened to me is that there was an oyibo (caucasian) on the side waiting to swoop me off my feet and look at me like a baby looks at candy.

Since BankyW did what he did, I have been praying for another celebrity boyfriend, I have found him in Marc Rhys. Oh how so goofy his character, Kevin was. How gentle and real, he also came across quite aptly as a man who had depth but never took himself seriously. Congratulations Marc Rhys, you are now my new celebrity crush

I don’t want to tell you details of the movie but know this, oyibo no dey give up. This oyibo went after Isoken even after she was engaged. Naija guys would have given up. Then after you get married, they start sending texts like “you should have married me”…”I think you made a mistake”. Nah, white guys don’t wait till its too late to take their shots, all is fair in love…

This is the kind of movie that causes insightful arguments amongst viewers. I like it!

Oh, lets not forget to give kudos to Jade Osiberu. She took on the 3-in-1 job and did well at it. I hope she continues to get better and create movies that are relatable and filled with depth.

If you’re like Isoken, take your mother to see this movie, warn her before-hand but watch her enjoy the movie and come out smiling hopefully with a new mindset. While you’re at it, let me go in search of a white bobo. Who knows where I can find one?


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  1. Flow...

    They used to frequent Y-NOT… hahaha (remember that joint on Adeyemo Alakija??) Aha..
    Can I happily chaperone you?


  2. Tellimmah

    Someone should just look me in the eye the way that Oyibo looked at Isoken and watch me melt in his arms by his kiss


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