Dear Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, RE: Congratulatory Message To 7 Nigerian-British Parliaments

1 June 12, 2017 By Dang

Dear Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa,

Taking glory for someone’s success without aiding it and attaching yourself to the person’s story is a world wide phenomenon, but Nigerians do it way better than most

When I was young, Rashidi Yekini came to our house one time to see “Bros Tunde”,our land lady’s son. He stayed back to greet everyone and chatted up some of our parents. The next day was a Sunday, we stayed back extra 2 hours in church because my dad gathered his group, bought them meat pie and soda and relayed the whole scenario. Finally ending it with “If you want to meet him I can discuss with Tunde to make it happen”. In my mind I thought “Oh daddy…that’s not going to happen”.

I digress too much these days…

This congratulatory letter is not bad in itself, however, did you know…Some of these people whom you have written this letter to do not have ‘Nig’ in their bio, not to talk of ‘eria’

If you take out time to do some research, you’d see that they have not in anyway affiliated themselves with our dear country. If we look further, we may find that none have Nigerian passports. However, you go ahead and write them an epistle…#Whedonema Read: Dear Alhaji Atiku, I would Like A Taste of That Kunu

In addition to writing letters to youths “in the abroad”, who are minding their business and taking advantage of the enabling environment created for them by the UNITED KINGDOM, we would like you to include the following in your To-do-list ma

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– As a special assistant to the president on Foreign affairs, could you tell us how the president is doing “in the foreign land?”. Lie Mohammed can never tell us anything that we’ll take seriously

– Create opportunities for exchange programs for the exceptionally good students here. Especially the ones in public schools

– Provide an enabling mentorship environment/program for youths who genuinely want to be career politicians. But then, who would their mentors be?.

In conclusion ma’am, do not seek glory for the success of Nigerians abroad, you should be ashamed that most people thrive better when they’re out of this environment


One comment on “Dear Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, RE: Congratulatory Message To 7 Nigerian-British Parliaments

  1. Flow...

    I am of two minds on this one. I don’t think it is entirely out of place to recognise the Nigerian roots of those who succeed. After all, the world is all too quick to remind us of the Nigerian roots of those who break the law or commit atrocities. I recall the story of Anthony Joshua who was a Nigerian British when he was caught with marijuana as teenager but whose Nigerian heritage disappeared when he became a world champion.

    Truth be told, we have become quite the basket case with the type of country (if you can actually call us a country) that we have built. There is almost nothing to make the average Nigerian proud of their heritage. Again, we owe ourselves and our children the audacity of hope driven by a desire to fix our country. Only then can we be proudly Nigerian.



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