Dear God, There is One Question I Do Not Want an Answer To

1 June 10, 2017 By Dang

Dear God,

You created me to be curious. To dig deeper and ask questions when I lack understanding. So I ask, and I prod and research until I am satisfied with the answers I find to the questions that plague me. It is a gift, and I thank you for it

One question I don’t want an answer to, even though you have created me to ask questions and fervently seek answers is this: Why do you bless me so?

I am undeserving. I am deeply flawed, I do not tap into my full potential, my back and forth with you knows no bounds and I mostly forget to say “thank you”. I sometimes forget your faithfulness and so I ask questions like “Lord, why not me?”. Yet, you always put a song in my heart, you take my one jar of wine and multiply it by a thousand, there’s not a day that goes by without a reassurance of your love Read: the God Factor

I am scared to know why I receive special Favours from you, so I’ll just make up my mind to try harder and be a well behaved child. There’s nothing in this world that shocks and intrigues me more than your unfailing love

When I imagine you, I see you seated on a high throne, huge hands holding the world in place, your garment flames deep red even though I can still see that it’s white. When I dance all by myself for you, Just the two of us, bonding, I picture you smile at my silliness. I love it. I love you. When I bow down and hold your feet, it smells like the sea, refreshing…

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Lover of my soul, My Comfort. Thank You!


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