Love is Not Complicated.

1 June 09, 2017 By Dang

Love is not Complicated.

Anytime you’re trying to explain, to others or to yourself, why the relationship you’re in really is love, stop right there. Because if it really is love, there would be no explaining needed. You’ll know. In your heart. Love really is simple. It follows a simple formula: he’s available + you’re available + he wants to be with you + you want to be with him + you’re both open to a relationship with each other and seeing where it takes you. That’s it. There are no games, no drama, no tension. I told you it was simple.

Note that I said it was simple, I didn’t say it was easy. If you don’t get it right away, it’s okay. Be gentle with yourself here. If you’re used to seeing complicated as the norm for love, it will take some time before you can see how simple it really is. And it will take some real soul-searching to understand why you continue to find yourself in these dramatic relationships, and why you continue to hang on to them.Read: One Thing real Love Never Does to You

There is no perfect mate, no amount of drugs, sex, or money that will make you feel complete. You and only you have the tools and power to do that for yourself. We must allow love to take its natural course in order for our lives and relationships to reach its full potential. The reason some of us accept complications is because we have not searched our souls enough to know that we are enough. When we understand this, we will understand that peace of mind outweighs drama.

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I have been in complicated relationships, I look back now and I know it shouldn’t have been so. Someone didn’t love the other enough to simplify things, someone didn’t understand the concept of sacrifice, someone wasn’t patient enough to try harder and both were not in love enough to respect promises made. I know this now and I cannot for the life of me go back to such tumultuous life.

The love I want now is the type I have with my friends -but with sex-. Easy, real, loyal, letting each other be who we are, never asking anyone to change for you, no crazy demands, we laugh and we cry together, when times are tough, I know without a doubt they’ll be there for me. We don’t have to talk every minute to know we care about each other, no insecurities…just love…Simple. Real

Did I digress a little? Forgive me. Living on the fence is not love, wondering what other drama may erupt tomorrow is not love, sleeping with one eye open in your relationship is not love

Love isn’t complicated, people are!


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