National Best Friend Day: Meet My Best Friends

3 June 08, 2017 By Dang

Beee: I met her through a family friend when I was 15. We attended the same church and lived in the same area. While we lived in a two bed boys quarters, they lived in a detached house but when we relate, you’d never know the difference. She and her mum welcomed me into their home like it was nothing. I would go there spend the day, marvel at the niceness of their house and climb the stairs up and down just because I could. Never been allowed freedom like that in a duplex, so I took full advantage. When she got back from her summer trip to the UK, she’d buy me nice clothes and I’d still raid her wardrobe for old clothes. I have tears in my eyes as I write this because I remember how effortlessly our friendship was/is. Because of her, I never look down on anyone who is financially below me.If they had looked down on me, both of us would have missed out on great opportunities to be there for each other. Bee is quiet, hates to explain herself to anyone. she revels in small circles like me, and keeps her life extremely private

B.I.S: This one was a poser in 100 Level Uni days. I had a group of friends and she had hers. However, she saw the light and joined us when she needed to get good grades. Out of that group of friends, she and I became closer until it was two of us who shared secrets. I realised we were going to be tight when I saw how dependable she was. People could count on her and she delivered, never complaining, never making it look like a big deal. She held on to friendships for long, holding on until she couldn’t anymore. It annoyed me immensely but that’s because I’m not as patient with people as she is. She is more vocal but I am more reactive. She is that person you thank God you have as a friend, because she is LOYAL raised to power 2

T.A: I met her when I was a receptionist at a stockbroking firm in 2008. She walked in and I immediately noticed the pretty lady with the bald head, she looked like a model. So I began to chat her up while she waited to see the HR. I would say a whole sentence and she’d give me a one liner. In my mind I was like “what’s wrong with this one?”. When she left that day, she didn’t even bid me farewell (How rude). When she resumed work with the company, she needed a friend, she didn’t say so but I saw how she would sit by herself but listened in to other people’s gists. I felt bad for her so I decided to help her situation. Imagine if I had left her to her own, seeing as she was doing anyhow to me that first day, she would have missed all the awesomeness that is me. You can ask her, she’s grateful to God I forced myself in her life. She is one of the most selfless people in the world, all bark no bite, quiet but deadly, silently winning while you think she’s not making moves.

T.I.W: We met when we became flat mates in Uni. I was in awe of her realness, I was also annoyed by her “I know it all” attitude. I tried to steer clear, but she would bring her eba and okra soup into my room to gist. She also asked me for opinions I wasn’t willing to share, because I felt she was closer to the other roommate and she would spill. Because she told me a lot of things about her and I would never reciprocate, she would continuously accuse me of being too secretive. Without knowing it, she gradually slipped into my life. Dramatic like me, we raised hell in our apartment building, stealing people’s water to bath and giving people weird nicknames. She has grown now, determined as ever but with more purpose, growing her business without distractions and talking about God to anyone who is willing to listen. In her, I have a praying partner anytime, any day

I have more close friends, but these four have been there for me through thick and thin. I know you guys are reading…I love you. Thank you for staying true, loyal and honest

Who are your best friends? how did you meet them?


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