“When my Marriage Fell apart, I Felt Like I Had Failed at Something” – Chigul

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Read below an excerpt from the interview with Chigul with KemiAdetiba’s KingWoman on Accelerate Tv

“I married at 33 and married a virgin.

My husband and I had our happy times. We were married for about a year. We just got to a point where we both didn’t care anymore. It just sort of fizzled. I’ve been made to believe it was my job to keep the marriage afloat and the fact that it sank, I take on my head. It was supposed to be easy. I had the Indian theme of roses in mind. I didn’t understand how no one cared. Except for my brother. I was depressed.

When my marriage fell apart, I felt like I had failed at something and I had nowhere to land… I felt like I disappointed my dad. But no one was there for me. And I wanted to be able to go to my mum and cry and tell her ” I am tired” but she was just always saying “go back to your husband”. The worst was when I found out my husband has a child with someone else and I found out my mum knew. Read: Chigul, on the pressure to get married

My mum and I, clash of titans. We clashed over everything. My mum and I quarrelled over my grades, my relationships, my marriage…I resented her.

There were days I would get back home on Friday and wouldn’t get up till Monday except go to the bathroom or kitchen. It was one of the worst things that happened to me but also one of the best because it taught me a lot. I am now more responsible. I’m learning how to deal with men folk.

Would I have changed anything about it? No. Because it happened for a reason. I’m happy it happened at one year with no children, no attachments.

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I have come across people that have told me I was no good and I would never make it and I was ugly. My self- esteem was literally in the out. I had little or no self-esteem and it affected me in a way that I saw myself become quite a people pleaser…

My weight has always been a sore spot. Always. My mum was worried because she had a brother who was big and had diabetic and eventually passed away. The worst thing someone ever said to me was on Instagram. It was a picture with a friend of mine and somebody said, despite the heavy make up “it is finally good to see Fiona from Shrek in person”. It hurt me so deep. Now I do work out everyday. I have a very good teacher and a supportive group.”


9 comments on ““When my Marriage Fell apart, I Felt Like I Had Failed at Something” – Chigul

  1. Kumashe

    Wow, she always seems so happy, one would never know what she went through. Sharing your story is quite beautiful and inspirational too.


  2. Edet

    It takes only the courageous to go through this pain and yet make the world laugh so hard you are a rare gem God will surprise you


  3. Free Spirit

    I knew that she had issues with her mum but finding out that her mum knew about her husband’s child and still she kept saying ‘go back to your husband’ is indeed heartbreaking.


  4. Anonymous

    Oh My…. Chigul!!! I can’t voice my thoughts fully. I will pray that God gives you complete healing and restores your confidence in yourself. It will continue to be well with you. As for the Shrek comment – please ignore such hateful people (as hard as it may be) – people project themselves on others, more often than not. The person who made the comment is a sad, lonely, person. Misery loves company, we all know that. Keep doing what you do darling. You inspire people and give them very many reasons to smile and laugh – which is more than many other people do for them. May God bless you beyond your best imaginations.


  5. Morenike

    Chigurl keep smiling and keep shining. You have found your calling which is to make people happy. What you went through has made you stronger. It is a process. You will get there.


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  7. zoey

    First things first, you are beautiful woman! And then again what’s up with your weight… you don’t have to be skinny to be termed beautiful. life is more than just fitting into your Jeans, if you don’t like your weight you work on it for YOU!…you are beautiful and strong. let the world deal with it


  8. Jennifer Okosun

    I am glad you came through all this a stronger, happier and better person.
    Just keep doing you.
    You rock!!!!!



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