Alexander Amosu: The Story of A Paper Boy

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Alexander Amosu: The Story of A Paper Boy

Growing up in a north London council estate,British-Nigerian Alexander Amosu lived with his grandmother, who would take him to the local charity shop to buy his clothes and shoes

“I remember going to school at around 12 and I didn’t have the same trainers as everyone,” he recalls. “They had Nike and Adidas, but my trainers had five stripes. I was constantly teased.”

He later got a job as a paper boy. When he made up to £50, he treated himself to a new Nike Air Jordan ” when I walked into the classroom wearing them and it was almost like I was the new boy. Because nobody used to talk to me, but that day everybody was my friend

“A light went off in my head and I thought: ‘Is this really what I have to do to be accepted in this world?’ I realised I didn’t want to be poor anymore.” Read: Seven signs You’ll never be A Millionaire

After playing around with a Nokia 3210, Amosu sent his brother a ringtone, which he had just made using the phone’s composing facility. Based on the Jay Z hit Big Pimpin’, it was an instant hit with his brother’s classmates, 21 of whom came knocking at his front door the next evening looking for it. They all paid £1 each for the ringtone. So he thought to himself “what would happen if I made 100 or 200 ringtones?’

At the end of his first year, His Ringtones turned over £1.6m and the entrepreneur sold the firm three years later to a German telecom company for just under £9m

Now, Amosu sells clothes to A-list celebrities including Grammy award-winning singer Alicia Keys. He was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records after making the world’s most expensive and valuable suit, costing a whooping £70,000. He went on to create the world’s most expensive Apple handset and champagne

“As an entrepreneur…You have to make your business stand out from everybody else’s.” Amosu continues: “Being an entrepreneur is like learning to ride a bicycle. The first time you get on it, you’re going to fall – …Once you conquer that fear and you can ride it comfortably, the next step…is to be the best cyclist in the world. So you go from riding a bike normally, to doing tricks and freestyles….the next stage is to compete, because you want to be the best in the world at what you do…I always want to do better than everybody else.”


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