Salon Chronicles: Hair Stylists are The Worst!

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Salon Chronicles: Hair Stylists are The Worst!

Yesterday while I was at the salon, a very beautiful lady walked in. She was beautiful but her face was covered in tons of curly hair, she looked absolutely ridiculous. Like kingkong had his hair blown out but with a nice face

“Aunty Ahn Ahn you forgot something?” One of the stylists said. Apparently she just made that hair at THAT salon. Thank God I was only there for a perm, I would have changed my mind immediately

“My husband said he doesn’t like the hair that it’s not nice” beautiful lady said. I agree with the husband. It was obviously human hair, short and curly but it looked like there were 5 packs on her head. Still I looked at everyone through the mirror and pretended not to see them

“Aunty this hair is fine o. You know men, they don’t know what’s in vogue. You even look like all those Indians” This is the manager, rushing from her spot to assure the lady. I almost had a whiplash from the way I turned to look at the manager in shock. The beautiful lady looked at me and I gave her a very bright smile. In my mind I was screaming (don’t listen to them, don’t listen to them, your husband is right)

Beautiful lady smiled back at me and said “what do you think?” I needed to thread carefully here “what exactly were you going for? Do you have a picture?” I asked. She showed me the picture of this lady posted and said “I wanted this but a little bigger”

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“What do you really think?” I asked her. “I complained small o but everyone said it’s okay”. I gave all the stylists a dirty look and told her “if that’s the picture you’re going for, then you should take out a lot of hair from what you have on now. Or what do you think?” I tapped another lady who has been pressing her phone all through but I had a feeling she knew exactly what was going on. “I think you should remove some weave. It’s a lot” the other lady also suggested

Beautiful lady said “Okay. OyA o, come and remove it”. I could see her stylist wasn’t happy and I heard her murmur all through. When she was done removing most of the extension and restyling, the beautiful lady actually looked like the woman in the picture

I have a major rule, if I don’t feel good about my hair, I won’t leave the salon until I do. Those stylists either have alien eyes or they’re simply the worst!


2 comments on “Salon Chronicles: Hair Stylists are The Worst!

  1. Ell

    Lol! Unless
    1. It’s a major departure from what I actually wanted
    2. The service at the salon is very expensive
    3. It is a hair do that is really painful (I don’t subject my soft scalp to these kinds of styles anymore sha)

    I usually will just leave the salon, go home, remove whatever nonsense they’ve done and just pack my hair


  2. Flow...

    women issues… unfortunately for men, if we don’t like what we see, its too late! its not like the mumu can glue the hair back sef!



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