Breastfeeding In Public: Mothers, Have A Little Decency Please

3 June 01, 2017 By Dang

Breastfeeding In Public: Mothers, Have A Little Decency Please

So I was in the bus, on my way home to visit my parents for the weekend, while in traffic I look out the window, I saw a woman seated by the roadside with two kids; one couldn’t be more than 3years old and the younger looked a little over a year old. This isn’t an uncommon sight, seeing mothers begging for alms with their children by their side (a topic for another day).

That wasn’t what caught my attention. Her breast was what had my jaw falling to my laps. Yes! Her breast! This mother of two had her shirt up above her chest and supported one breast with her palm while her younger child suckled on it. What was amazing about this was that this child after sucking a bit, walked away and the mother still continued to support her breast with her palm, giving every motorist a clear view of her mounds; I remember mentally pulling down her shirt (I wish that was possible). She was probably lost in her own world, oblivious to what was going on.

Now, why am I going on about a woman breastfeeding her child, let me just say there is never an appropriate time or place to breastfeed a baby, when it’s time, it’s time no matter where you are.

What bothers me though, is the careless abandon to which boobies are being exposed in the name of breastfeeding. If you use public transport as often as I do then you would have witnessed your fair share of breastfeeding mothers. Growing up, I really didn’t think much of it, as it was a norm, until I started to notice men, who sometimes seat next to these mothers get uncomfortable position. Some men are decent enough to avert their gaze (They look everywhere except at the mother seated next to him) while others don’t mind gawking or stealing glances (perverts!!).

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I think it is completely acceptable and right to feed your child wherever and whenever, no one should be against that, but, a little decency isn’t too much to ask; a small napkin or cloth to cover the ‘girls’ while you breastfeed. Sometimes the clothes you wear when out in public can go a long way in minimizing the exposure or undue attention you get, let’s help put the brothers in the busses at ease and stop the perverts from getting a free show

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  1. Anonymous

    Ta!! Boobies are made for breast feeding, abeg don’t attach any extra thing to it. Let’s not become so overly sexualized like the west that we loss track of their biological and life sustaining function



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