“Success For Me Means Winning In Business And Also Winning as A Wife Too”- Ibukun Awosika

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“Success For Me Means Winning In Business And As A Wife Too”- Ibukun Awosika

Seeing my drive as a young entrepreneur, my father used to say, ‘I have given birth to this one’, and if anything happened, he was always present to assist me even if it meant selling his house to pay up any debts I may have incurred along the way. He never discouraged me.

When you are pursuing your dreams and trying to leave a legacy, you will find help. As a young girl in my twenties and in business, no bank was willing to lend me money. I became frustrated, working day and night, not because I didn’t know what to do but because I couldn’t meet the needs of clients due to the fact that I did not have adequate machinery…I soon got help from people who believed in my dreams and I finally got access to all the loans I needed.

I never had an agenda to be on the board of several companies…it came as a matter of life and reward as all I was trying to do was build businesses a certain way. I derive so much pleasure walking into an office that we furnished a long time ago and seeing our furniture looking nice; I get this joy and satisfaction that money cannot buy…Read: Family and Friends Must Pay; Banke Meshida’s Business Rules

I can guarantee you that you wont last long in this business if you cut corners. When I started the furniture business, I had people who started at about the same time I did. There are people in the furniture industry I call government children; once their people go out of power, their businesses cease to exist. I am content with the little I make because I made it the right way and sometimes you need to fight for survival.

You must understand that you are not indispensable to your business because you are not God. You are not the most important person, the guys who work for you are just as important as well. You must learn to respect them and the value they bring into your business. You can’t pay them peanuts and pay yourself all the money.

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Success for me means winning as a wife as well; this means that I help my husband to be the best while he supports my dreams and desires…

Ibukun Awosika is popularly known as the Chairman of the board of Directors for First Bank of Nigeria, however, she is also an author, motivational speaker and runs several successful businesses.



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