Beware of Fine Boys: Elevator Chronicles

3 May 31, 2017 By Dang

Let me tell you…don’t ever see fine boys and assume all is well with them. I found out a hard way yesterday

I was on my way up the elevator to see my client but as soon I sighted a fine boy looking all manner of gooooddd rushing towards me shouting “Hold it please”. I quickly held the elevator

Normally I’m very wicked when it comes to these things because I like to take elevator selfie which means I have to be alone so when someone asks me to hold the elevator, I pretend to hold it then smile apologetically

Anyway Mr. fine, tall and dark got in the elevator with me. I restructured my face into a nice smile and looked ahead. Then he said “Hi”. I perceived it but my brain was not having it. I said “helleouwww” (that’s how we pronounce it when we’re talking to a fine boy) He then said “Who are you going to see on the 5th floor?”…

It was as if I was hit in the face with a bout of decomposed fish. Gosh! I went mute immediately. Excuse sir, does your mouth harbour all sort of weapons of mass destruction? His bad breath was like no other. I turned away from him as I held my breath till we got to the 5th floor…

When the day finally comes that I meet future husband, I hope all will be well cavity wise…


3 comments on “Beware of Fine Boys: Elevator Chronicles

  1. Bunmi

    This woman no go kill me oooo with laugh
    Seriously i love ur write ups and i see a bit of me in the way u writea but maybe na laziness i dont know as writing that used to be my forte has now moved into my grandpa’s cobweb cupboard.i love elevaTor selfies dieee and like bad mouth breathe,i cant stand guys with bad odour or dirty nails biko.chai fine boy with mouth odour na ce teribble.


  2. Toluwalase

    Odour in any aspect is a huge turn off…That is why i take cleaning those body parts serious. make i no turn off future husband as much as i dont want to be turned-off……wateva that means



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