I Listen to Strangers’ Conversations and Give my Opinon…In My Mind

3 May 30, 2017 By Dang

Remember how one time I told you I listen in to strangers’ conversations and give my opinion in my mind? You also remember how we all agreed it is only human? Ehen

So, yesterday I went to see heartbeat the musical (It was fantastic), I sat behind a couple and heard them arguing before the show started. See “our” conversation below:

Male: You don’t hug someone you don’t know that well like that is what I’m saying
FemaLe: (cuts in) How do I hug him? Side hug? Common nowwwww

Me in my mind: Yea me too. I hate side hugs. It’s childish

Male: But I’m telling you I didn’t like something and you’re telling me to “common now”. Are you for real?
Female: I don’t see any reason for you to be uncomfortable. When I give your friends full hugs you don’t complain
Male: My friends don’t squeeze your boobs tight when you hug them

Me in my mind: LMAOOOO. Jealousy oshi

Female: (Laughs out loud)

Me in my mind: Exactly. Very funny

Female: Okay I’m sorry. Ma bi nu (I’m sorry). (She pulls his head closer to hers and gives him a forehead rub)

Me in my mind: Awwwwwww

Female: I won’t hug someone I don’t know that well like that again
Male: You should have just said that instead of arguing

Me in my mind: SMH!!! Babies!

Female: (Rubs his head more and gives him a peck) I’m sorry oooooo
Male: (Shakes his head and Smiles)
Female: (Brings out her phone to take a selfie)

Me in my mind: Awwwwwwwww

Male and Female start talking about snapchat

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I lose interest

Musical begins

This is my public opinion on the matter. I hate half hugs, I feel like half hugs are childish. Like why hug from the side? Can everyone hug like adults?

The only thing is, I worry about some men and their pervasive ways. Even though I give full hugs, I try not to hug some men too tight. Why? Some men hug you so tight and spend far too long pushing against your boobies. I find this really classless and extremely inappropriate. Anyone who has tried this with me never gets a hug again, just handshakes and a very nasty side eye…for being a creepy worm!


3 comments on “I Listen to Strangers’ Conversations and Give my Opinon…In My Mind

  1. Abike

    When you are a graduate of babcock or covenant uni… U master the art of side hugs. Lol. I’m indifferent though, front, side, top or bottom… Just don’t get funny.


  2. Bunmi

    I will def to meet u..i just gbadun ur style of writing..i give side hugs o biko i cant stand one tiny thing touching my below ojare


  3. Anonymous

    For someone new ,it goes with an handshake but for a well known individual fully recognised hug…..



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