Women fake Orgasm: I’m 42 Years Old, How come I’m just Knowing This? – Diary of A Naija Guy

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Women fake Orgasm: I’m 42 Years Old, How come I’m just Knowing This?


I must tell you that I feel like an absolute klutz. I am a 42 year old recently divorced man and my ex wife told me last week, she faked a lot of her orgasm with me. I thought she was lying to get at me or make me feel like a loser so I shrugged it off . You see, we had an awesome sexual relationship. Even before we were married, it was really hot between us and we could never get enough of each other. After our child was born, she wanted sex more, I didn’t mind at all. We could be fighting but she’d never turn away my advances. Do you see what I’m saying? How can such a woman tell me she faked most of her orgasm with me?

On this day, she asked me about the girl I have recently started seeing. She especially wanted to know if our sex life was as hot with the lady as it was with her. I told my ex- wife I didn’t want to discuss my sex life. She then said “ Just make sure she’s not faking orgasm like I did”. That shook me for some seconds but she was laughing so I tried not to to take her seriously. However, she repeated it again, this time with a serious face and instances. That is impossible! I remember those instances and she looked like she was having the best of times. She told me, “ask other females”

My ex-wife was not my first sexual encounter, so when I couldn’t get over it, I started asking my old girlfriends and some of my female friends. I was scared to ask my girlfriend because I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear the truth from her. They all said, “yes, sometimes we faked orgasm”. So, yesterday I told my girlfriend “I know you sometimes fake orgasm, I don’t think you should do that anymore” Her response was “But it’s not every time…” Ah!!!!! Jesuuuuu

This may have damaged my ego a little bit…But I feel a little better, at least they said it wasn’t every time… Or, who knows if they were lying?

You women folk should be feared. Henceforth, I will not take you folks at face value again. In fact, if you don’t orgasm during sex and you can’t tell me, that’s your problem. A man cannot kill himself because you lots refuse to be truthful and demand what is rightfully yours

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7 comments on “Women fake Orgasm: I’m 42 Years Old, How come I’m just Knowing This? – Diary of A Naija Guy

  1. Anonymous

    Women get different levels of orgasms during sex. What we women experience or enjoy in sex is more emotional than physical so if she is engaged enough by the man to fake a physical orgasm then she enjoyed herself. And that my friend is what is primary. Ask men if they ever fake their.


  2. word

    Dear poster, thing is a lot of you dont know that a woman’s orgasm hardly happens during your ‘powerful thrusts’. So when those madams said ‘sometimes’ they lied yet again. Replace with ‘most times’….and there you have it: the unadulterated truth 🙂


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  4. Anonymous

    We don’t get in the mood as fast as men do but it has different levels for us to reach orgasm. But it’s of no use having sex and not enjoying it so don’t bother yourself about that because we actually do.



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