Teaching Kids How to Defend Themselves From Sexual Abuse

2 May 27, 2017 By Dang

Teaching Kids How to Defend Themselves From Sexual Abuse

I am Njideka Obi, founder and CEO of Safer Smarter Children Inc. I’m a mother to three amazing children aged 6, 4 and 2, a girl and two boys, and wife to a loving and supportive husband. I had an amazing childhood. My dad was a disciplinarian who doted on his kids but was quite strict. In fact, his disciplinary measures shaped me into the strong, confident woman that I am today and I will forever remain grateful to him for that

I studied law at the University of Nigeria, although I enjoyed working at a corporate job, I discovered I wasn’t fulfilled. I knew something was missing. I have always been passionate about children, and I love writing inspiring children’s stories that impact positively on their lives. My passion grew stronger as the years went by, and coupled with the alarming rate of child molestation, kidnap and other forms of violence against children, I made a decision to become a child safety advocate. As a child safety advocate I felt the need to teach children effective body safety rules and skills to keep them safe through my education and awareness initiatives. Today, that passion has taken the form of Funbug, a magazine publication targeted at children, and the Safer Smarter Children initiative Read: Letter To My Sisters

Up to 95 percent of child sexual abuse and other forms of violence against children is preventable through education and awareness. So, I felt a huge responsibility to apply my knowledge and passion to help as many children as possible

Lately, there has been so much talk in the media about child molestation. Child sexual abuse is increasing at an alarming rate and there is an urgent need to put a stop to it. We educate children on how to recognize sexual abuse, how to react to it and how to report it. We also educate them on how to avoid being kidnapped and what to do if they find themselves grabbed forcefully. They also learn how to avoid getting lost and what to do if they are lost

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The funds realized from sale of the Funbug magazines is used to finance our child body safety trainings. All the training and awareness programs we have done so far have been for free.”

The feedback has been awesome! In fact, the magazine has surpassed our expectations, as more schools are subscribing to the Magazine. Parents have been piling the pressure to release more editions of the magazine; and the kids tell me how much they love it. Actually, I marvel at the reception and goodwill the magazine has earned so far.


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  1. Mrs Yusuf

    Thank God for your courage to follow that strong desire in you to reach out to children. You’re part of God’s hand being used to deliver the upcoming generation. God bless you richly.


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