My heartfelt Prayer For The Writer of This Sexist Tweet

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Before I address this very sexist Tweet, I have a few prayer points for this Buksman

Buksman, for typing this utter rubbish:
May PHCN forget your street for a month

May mosquito feast on your balls

May they itch so much you won’t help but scratch them vigorously in public

May you mistakenly pour bleach on your favourite coloured shirt

May pop corn get stuck in your teeth

May you forget to close your windows tonight as you sleep so when it rains, you step into a mini flood as you wake up

May your neighbours steal your mop

After a long day of fasting, May you arrive at “Iya Eba” only to be told there’s no more fish and meat.

Back to the matter. There should be a limit to how dumb and sexists some men can be… I mean, who died and made this guy female wealth distributor? Read: Every woman must work, no matter how small

Women have continued to climb the rungs of power—building their ranks as heads of state, corporate leaders and media influencers—but their minority status means they still face harsh, limiting assessments by men like Buskem. He said “there should be a limit” to how rich a woman can be! Has he heard of Oprah and Mrs Alakija? Will he not gladly lick their feet, jump on the spot and bark like a dog if he was asked to do so by these women?

The thing with strong women is, once they embark on a journey with determination, there is no stopping them. They walk over bumps like a boss. Even though they may stay up all night crying and frustrated because of challenges, the next morning, Viola! They’re up dealing like a boss. I personally think when we cry, the tears wash away whatever was blocking our brain from finding a solution to our problems. The level of clarity we get after a good private cry is astonishing! (I digress)

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These men that keep lowering the standards of partnership because they can’t catch up need to admit it and we will willingly coach them through personal development

Kudos to strong men who recognize strong women as assets. And to buksmAn the tweeter, receive wisdom …in trailer loads!


2 comments on “My heartfelt Prayer For The Writer of This Sexist Tweet

  1. Doyin

    Lol. The curses are so funny. Tweets such as this are just so annoying and frustrating. Why can’t I be a single woman and make all the money I can. Our society just wants us to always bow and feed men’s ego


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