Dignity in Labour: “This is my job and I have no shame”, Vulcaniser, Abiodun Mana

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Dignity in Labour

“My name is Abiodun Mana. This is my job and I have no shame. I have been a vulcaniser for 21 years. For me it is not about the job you do. It is how committed you are to the job you do

For years I have been saving every week. I bought my first motorcycle, then second and now 9th. Saving was not easy because it meant I could not buy clothes and shoes or go to beer parlour to buy alcohol. Even for my wedding I couldn’t buy a lot of things for my wife’s bride price. I told her, “we need to save for our future” Read: Iya Noah builds a bakery and her own house from selling Akara

With this Vulcaniser job, I also consider myself a transporter. Because I now own 9 motorcycles that I maintain and get money from everyday. My 3 children go to private schools. Even though some parents in that school don’t want to associate themselves with me, I am okay. As long as my family is happy, I am okay

There is no shame in my work, I am a happy man and in my own way, I am successful”.

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