“I will only Go For Polygamy Marriage” Haleema Muhammad

Photo credit: BBC 2 May 23, 2017 By Dang

“I will only go for polygamy marriage, says Birmingham woman Haleema Muhammad

Haleema travelled to her home country Somalia more than a decade ago and decided to marry a man who already had three wives. The marriage broke down as Haleema wanted to return to the UK where she has been highlighting the issues of Polygamy. Polygamy is illegal in the UK but it exists, however, Haleema claims wives deserve mohave rights to choose what type of marriage they want to go into

Read excerpts from her BBC Interview below:

“I liked it…the fact that he was already married, because it was less responsibility. He had three wives and I was number four.” Read: life is too short to attach yourself to anyone’s boxers

On her relationship with other wives…

“One of the other wives was a really good friend of mine. If she had to go on a holiday, she would leave her kids with me. If I had to go on a holiday, I would leave my kids with her.”

On the hardest part of the marriage…

“Waiting my turn at the dinner table was the hardest for me, because he couldn’t just drop everything and come to me. So, he’ll be here one night and there one night…”

On whether she would do it again…

“I would only go for polygamy marriage. That’s the only kind of marriage for me. It’s a personal choice though, I wouldn’t want anything else.”


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