When is A Relationship A Relationship?

3 May 20, 2017 By Dang

When is A Relationship A Relationship?

I am very forgetful in life. I hate when people who we tried to date real quick but lasted 2 months, try to claim we had a relationship. Especially when we didn’t even “keezz”. PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: “I DONT KNOW WHO YOU EEEZZZ”.

I went for a secondary school friend’s party sometime last year. I was dancing away to Ebony band when someone tapped me from behind. I turned around, it was a nice looking man but he tried to hug me in excitement. Hell no! Who are you? I gave him a polite smile and said nicely “so sorry please remind me…” He was taken aback. He recovered quickly and said “Its me now, your ex, Hakeem in secondary school” My ex in secondary school! I laughed out loud, hugged him and turned away quickly. I still didn’t remember him but I was not happy at all with that label. Ex in Secondary school! Imagine dating in secondary school and in my 30s someone is claiming me as ‘EX’. Brother when are you going to fear God and repent? “ I don’t know who you eezzz!”Read: 10 choices I hope you don’t regret in 10 years

The other day, my friend sent me a very old picture on whatsapp. It was me and a guy who didn’t look familiar. I really tried my best for almost two minutes to remember who the person was but nothing came to mind, so I asked her “who is that?”. She sent me the laughter emoji in almost 10 lines, told me she has given up on me and eventually mentioned the guy’s name. Ah! I looked closer at the picture again, oh wow! This guy even gave me Valentine’s day gift one time o. But I still “don’t know who he eezzz”

Yesterday afternoon, my ex boyfriend called me to go see a movie with him. First of all, “NO”. Leave me alone. Secondly, I was hoping to finish a book I had been reading for the past 4 weeks and quickly get to another one so I didn’t intend going anywhere. Anyway, I decided to go see the 10.45pm movie because I had a mini writer’s block and I couldn’t concentrate on the book. I walked into the cinema and I see this ninja with some other girl. He tried to catch my eye but I walked slowly to the back of the cinema because at that moment, I was laughing, shaking my head in my mind and “I didnt ’t know who he eeezz”

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I realise that anytime I slap myself in the brain for dating someone, I tend to slap them out of my brain. A relationship was a relationship only when we both agree it was a relationship! If we both cannot agree, “I don’t know who you eez”


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  2. Gbemi

    Dang….I still remember the face but I will forget his name nd all the things we had together….sometimes when pple tend to bring up stories abt them,am like who are u talking abt..i so love it….



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