Acute Sense of Helplessness and Hopelessness: This is The Nigerian Disease

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Acute Sense of Helplessness and Hopelessness: This is The Nigerian Disease

Today, I heard about a lady who I just met and was in a bad situation. She has no job, recently fell in the bathroom and broke her hip, to make matters worse, she has a sick mother as well

Not a lot of Nigerians think deep into the consequences of the actions of our leaders. If we did, Nigeria would be desolate by now. Most people would have applied as a refugee in other countries, even neighbouring countries would do. The alternative would have been a civil war, for those who insist on staying here and fighting for their lives and the future of their generation.

If this country was inhabited by white people, the suicide rate would have skyrocketed. But we are used to blending in, accepting all that is thrown at us, protesting for entertainment sake and moving on from issues because they have died down Efcc should be under the management of The Senate- Atiku

My hip is not broken, my mum is not sick, I am not jobless, I am not poor. I can afford healthcare and I can decide to pack my bags today to go settle in another country and start over. However, today, I still felt an overwhelming and deep sense of hopelessness and helplessness. It felt like I swallowed a stone that wouldn’t go past my chest and my wig felt like a heavy load I couldn’t get rid of. So I wept. Not only for the lady who broke her hip, but also out of frustration

I wondered to myself, “If I feel like this, how does that lady feel?” The one whose hip is broken, who has no job, whose mother is sick and has no way to get healthcare since there’s no free healthcare for senior citizens. For those going through life like this with a sense of awareness, how do they put one foot in front of the other, considering this heavy baggage of helplessness that they must carry?

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This has become our mantra, “Nigerians are strong”. Are we? Or we have just given in to this feeling of helplessness and allowed the leaders to take advantage of the “E go better” approach…

There is a disease in Nigeria that is not going away , it is called “acute sense of hopelessness and helplessness”

Sadly, I have no cure…


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