This is My Story: One Girl’s Victory Over Molestation

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Although I went to a good primary school, i was definitely one of those kids who couldn’t wait to get home to cartoon channels. When I was age 6, my elder brothers moved on to boarding houses for their high school education leaving me alone in the big house. I came back from school every day to a house without my parents as my dad was a busy banker and my mom a retail business owner, therefore no one came home till past 6

I had an uncle (Uncle k). I can’t remember what he was doing at that time but he was always home when I came from school. I would always dash into the house to watch my cartoons after he opened the front gate for me. He was always gentle and quiet

NEPA now known as PHCN decided that kids shouldn’t watch tv after school as they started withholding electricity shortly after I would get home. The house would get really hot and I would be forced to come out to our compound

Uncle K would take a mat and lay it outside and say, “Come and join me”. What did I know? I would run towards him with my teddy bear, sit down beside him and chatter away about school. Nothing ever happened
Till one fateful evening. He invited me to lie down beside him as usual. Naïve as I was, I did just that chatting away. Then I felt his hands go into my pants past my underwear. I wiggled away and said “Uncle, what are you doing?” He quickly covered my mouth and growled “Shut up!” I knew something was wrong. He put his fingers down there and it was so uncomfortable. It was painful

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I struggled, but what could a 6 year old with a tiny stature possibly do? “Stop moving or I slap you”, he hissed at me. I didn’t know what this was but it felt wrong. His fingers were doing things I didn’t understand

I can’t remember how long the molestation went on that evening but I know I was crying because it just hurt. He finally stopped, removed his hand over my mouth and warned me, “You had better not tell mommy.” Then I ran into my room crying

I remember standing by the curtain, looking into the compound and watching him still on the mat; I remember cursing him the only way I could curse then. I remember wondering to myself, “What just happened?” That was when my hatred for boys began

I hated boys for so long till my fourth year in high school when I decided to face my hate. I knew I had to find it somewhere to forgive myself in order to move on. It was hard to be honest. I buried the thought for so long and bringing it back up was not the easiest thing to do, but it was the best decision in my life
I talked to God; asking Him to give me that inner peace to move on. I remember telling myself that I would not permit what happened to define me and that I was better and stronger than that. Yes, it took time but I overcame

I am a survivor 

From: Olayinka A.


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  3. Ty

    You would think by now the federal ministry of health would warn about more than just tobacco. There should be a national campaign against molestation and sexual abuse



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