To My Sisters, Don’t Ever…

1 May 08, 2017 By Dang

Don’t Ever
To my sisters…

Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re disposable whether it be your president, your government, or your abductor

Don’t ever let a man tell you you’re not important whether it be your father, your brother, or your lover. Don’t ever let a woman tell you you’re not worthy of love whether it be your mother, your sister, or yourself

And although we cannot control the lies our minds concoct in an effort to cope with the unthinkable, don’t ever allow yourself to believe them for longer than you need them

Don’t allow for your beautiful eyes to fixate on the evil of this world

Don’t allow the vision of your future to be blinded by the injustices of today. There are stories untold waiting to be delivered from your lips. Doom is not your fate, your destiny begs for your resilience

Don’t ever let someone, any one, steal from you your desire to dream. Your right to live beyond mere existence. Your stubborn clench on hope

To my sisters enduring this pain, don’t ever let someone convince you that you deserve to be mistreated and abused. Nothing is wrong with you, but everything wrong with the minds and depraved hearts of your captors

To my sisters… You matter. Don’t ever believe otherwise

-Beulah Osueke #ToMySisters234


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