The Power of Positive Thinking

1 May 08, 2017 By Dang

I grew up in Shogunle, right by PWD, Oshodi express way. Our area was rough and tough. Young people fought and got pregnant daily like it was a favourite sport. This is how I see it now, but that is not how I saw it then. For me, it was fun and no where else looked finer than where we lived. When I occasionally followed my mum to see her friend in Ikoyi, I would admire the house but all I wanted was to hurry back home to play with my friends

During the holidays, we would hawk garri and sugar but we were never ashamed to do it. I knew we didn’t have money to throw around, but it never occurred to me to think or call us poor. I give all the credit to mum. “You are so beautiful’ , ‘your nose looks like an American’s nose’ , ‘Do you even see your future? you will be great’, ‘you deserve better than those clothes, you should always make an effort to look nice’ ,’No one is better than you’”. Some of these things, she chanted at us even while whipping us with “omorogun” or “cane”

I know that money is good, but no matter how much you have or don’t have, your mind needs to believe that you’re not poor.This is why she got so mad at me, when I would leave our house to watch “wild rose” from a neighbour’s window. “Why can’t you be satisfied with all you have? You will watch wild rose and more when we buy a generator, till then, stay home and enjoy the company of your siblings” . Because of her,My siblings and I try as much as possible to have a healthy mindset so we set our own path and walk in our own pace

Negative thinking/affirmations, lack of contentment, Complaining constantly about life, money and your problems could hinder your success. With a positive mind, you are content with your life.You are able to save, because buying to impress will not be your goal, saving to be independent will be one of your ultimate pursuits. When your mindset has changed from poverty to the possibilities of abundance, your vision will push you towards success, when you stop complaining constantly, thereby making positive people around you uncomfortable,you will see more opportunities than famine

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Your greatest asset is your mind. Don’t clog it with negativity


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