“In 29 Years Since I Opened The Nail Studio, Giving Up Never Crossed My Mind” – The Nail Studio CEO, Mrs Tokunbo Awogboro

7 May 08, 2017 By Dang

I was a housewife for 5 years straight. After all the kids started school, I felt I needed to either go back to school or start a business. I have always been into my nails right from when I was a child. When other teenage girls wanted bigger boobs, I just wanted to fix my broken nails and have 10 perfect looking nails.

In 1986, I went on holiday and fixed my nails at a very nice nail salon, I revisited the salon every two weeks until my holiday was over. At the end of the holiday, I told to the owner “I wish there was a place in Nigeria like this”. He said he could train me if I wanted, so, of course I stayed back. At the end of two weeks of training, I was the only one left out of 5 of us. I knew then, this is exactly what I’m going to go back to do in Nigeria. This was how I started Nail studio

Since then, Nail Studio has grown but not without bad times. We couldn’t have survivded 29 Years (and counting) in the beauty business without challenges but I had this burning passion, and there was no stopping me. Not once did it ever cross my mind to give up because I never saw myself being happy doing any other thing. So, when we went through bad times, my passion kept me going and then bad times became better times and look at us today

People used to ask “How did you balance growing a business and keeping the home”. There are countless women have things under control. As a woman growing a business, I learnt to balance things. After school, I would pick up my kids and take them back with me to the nail studio. it wasn’t an inconvenience, it was what I had to do. When the business grew and I didn’t have to be there 24/7, I took my children home from school, stayed with them, helped them with their home work before going back to the studio. If you have a dream and it is a burning desire, nothing will stop you, you just have to find ways to make time for things that are important as well. I cannot take the credit alone though. Thank goodness for capable managers and technicians. Right now, we have 21 dedicated technicians who put in their best and make the nail studio more than a salon, but a place clients want to come to relax and be pampered.

DANG:Can you safely say the Nail Studio is a successful business?

In terms of money, the business has provided that. But for me, success means fulfilment in whatever you do. After 29 years, I can confidently say that am fulfilled. Everyday when I come in here as I watch people come and go, it makes me happy to see their faces transform just because they have perfect looking nails. So this is what gives me fulfilment: happy faces and perfect nails leaving the studio, not money

DANG: Not a lot of company can boast of being around for 29 years, any secret to your longevity?

For anyone hoping to have a long lasting business, being passionate will go a long way in aiding longevity. Don’t let lack of funds stop you from starting a business, start with whatever you have, remain consistent and give the best of you ALWAYS. No matter how tired you are in your spirit, when it is time to attend to your customers, give the best quality you can and continue to do so. In 5 years I can sure you, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel


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