Have You Ever Wondered if Nepotism Made Jennifer Obayuwana Become the Executive Director of Polo Avenue?

1 May 07, 2017 By Dang

Have You Ever Wondered if Nepotism Made Jennifer Obayuwana become the Executive Director of Polo Avenue? Well, I have wondered. Not only about her though, but other rich kids as well

I have been to the Polo Avenue quite a number of times, and seen Jennifer there most times. I would think in my mind, would she ever have been in this position if her father didn’t own the company? I think this same thing of all rich kids who automatically get to the top level position of their parent’s company. I don’t think it is bad to work in your parent’’s company but I never understood why it should be automatic to get to a top position even sometimes when you are not qualified for it

This morning, as I read Jennifer’s Interview on Forbes Afrique May, 2017 Edition, I saw for the first time, why she is an Executive Director in Polo Avenue. Read Excerpts of The interview below

Your father is the founder of Polo Luxury Group? How did you come into your position with Polo?

As the daughter of a pioneer in the luxury industry, I grew up with a passion and
interest in luxury and beauty that ultimately lead me into the path of the family
business. I grew up in the business. Every summer holiday, I worked in sales on the
shop floor. I also believe I was equipped for the role early on by studying
International Business Administration at the American University of Paris and
International Relations in Franklin. Those experiences helped mold me into the
woman that I am today. I’ve also pursued Executive courses in INSEAD, Lagos
Business School and Colombia which has positioned me effectively to be able to add
value to the organization.

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What has been your personal accomplishment for the success of this business?

I am still in the process of self development, evolving and understanding my own
limitations. My work requires that I create solutions that are sustainable and relevant
to our market. Over the years, we have done that through expansion and growth by
opening up new channels and curating the pan African Polo Brand. Personally, I
believe that the notion of success and achievement is merely a journey. I’m excited
about the future but I will never get to a point where I feel like I’ve arrived


I remember what Bill gates said about not leaving his $81B fortune for his children but instead give it all away, his children have been on the record saying they’re okay with it. I know as a smart business man, if his kids are qualified enough to run his company while he’s alive and when he’s gone, he won’t hesitate for that to happen. Having read this interview, I realise how learned Jennifer is, how important the company is to her and how serious she takes her job

If I had a child who put in all that work, effort and continuous education, I would be proud to hand over my company to that child.


One comment on “Have You Ever Wondered if Nepotism Made Jennifer Obayuwana Become the Executive Director of Polo Avenue?

  1. Chioma Olamide Udom

    Yeah! I have pondered on this topic a few times too. I know first hand that a lot of children born into wealth find it easier in life and in this country too. Many a times, they look flashy but not all are spoilt, many of them have to work hard to prove to their parents that they can handle their businesses. A mentor who has it all once told me and a group of young entrepreneurs that her children work during the holidays, she doesn’t want them feeling entitled. She pleads with her firends who have successful companies and force them to do internships, that way they appreciate the gift of earning income.



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