Today I Learnt Two valuable Lessons: My Mood Should Never Dictate My Manners. There is Always More To People Than Meets the Eye

4 May 05, 2017 By Dang

Today I learnt two valuable lessons: My mood should never dictate my Manners. There is always more to people than meets the Eye

This morning I woke up in a good mood and went about my business, but that wasn’t going to last long because I found out my bank was deliberately delaying a transaction. I had a deadline to meet and the bank was going to make me miss it. So I left where I was and rushed to the bank to resolve this issue. As I walked really briskly to the entrance of the banking hall, I slightly brushed a man and said “sorry” passively. I heard him complain but I didn’t look back

I was still waiting my turn at the door when someone said behind me, “Madam you brushed past me and didn’t even apologize”. It was the same man. I replied irritably “but I already said sorry to you oga”. I noticed his rubber slip on and dusty denim.I mentally shook my head at him and walked in when the door opened

After my issue was resolved and I was about leaving, my account officer told me Mr “T” was around. Mr “T” is the MD/CEO of a company I’ve been meaning to work with for a long time but he is usually unavailable. When I found out we share the same account officer, I pleaded with her to set up a meeting with him anytime she could get a hold of him. Today was that day. My mood changed immediately and I followed her happily to the meeting room

You guessed right. It was the man with the dusty denim. I paused and quickly calculated in my head how to deal with the situation, to make a joke out of it or seriously apologize? He took the choice out of my hands. “So it’s this rude madam who refused to apologize to me at the door” He said with a smile. I sat beside him, apologized profusely and frantically explained my situation and desperately made my account officer corroborate the story. He accepted my apology and asked that I plead my case as he had only 5 minutes

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Even though he agreed to see me again, I still felt so terrible and deflated in my spirit. What if he had refused to talk to me because of what happened? If he looked and dressed the part would I have dismissed him so quickly at the door? I thought I was better than that. I started to question myself, “Is this who I am? Someone who does not regard people because of their appearance?” I learnt a valuable lesson: My mood should never dictate my manners


4 comments on “Today I Learnt Two valuable Lessons: My Mood Should Never Dictate My Manners. There is Always More To People Than Meets the Eye

  1. Anonymous

    Very important lesson learned. This happens more often than not where we judge people based on appearance alone. We need to be better than that. Thanks for sharing, DANG.


  2. Tessa Doghor

    What a revelation

    My mood doesn’t dictate my actions, I think
    But recent feedback says that I am standoffish and unapproachable
    And I thought that I had worked on that. Okay. I stay improving on me
    Cos I am going to that place.



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