“EFCC Should be Under The Management of National Assembly”- Atiku. Dear Alhaji Atiku, I Would like a Taste of That Kunu

3 May 05, 2017 By Dang

Nigeria’s Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has said the EFCC and other anti-graft agencies should be made to report to the National Assembly. 

Dear Alhaji Atiku,

One of the crazy things I would like to do in my life is taste that Kunu you’ve been drinking, I think I may need some sort of high in my life. I wonder how much Kunu anyone can drink though, before it begins to cause a tiny bit of problem to the brain? I ask because this is one of the most ridiculous and shameless statements I have heard from a Nigerian Politician. Lai Mohammed’s Jollof Rice saga ranks on that top list as well

The legislature is probably the most corrupt arm of Government and you expect EFCC to answer to them? How else do we “try” and curb the excess greed that has pemeated the entire Nigerian government? If EFCC should be under any arm of government, it should be the judiciary, but…we all know they are NOT to be trusted as well. This idea is even more scary when one examines the quality and integrity of people who sit in the National Assembly today. That would be a heavy weight NO sire. When Nigeria elects leaders with integrity who genuinely want to make a change, we can go back to discussing why EFCC should not be independent

This is the same legislature that is host to people like Bukola Saraki, Dino Melaye, Stella Oduah and Buruji Kashamu. Let’s look at what only these four can do, not to mention a hoard of their likes, who have legitimised their criminality by joining the National Assembly

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1. Dino will completely turn EFCC to a joke, make them back up singers for his band “My enemies shall suffer group of clowns band”

2. Senator Bukola Saraki will automatically be in charge of an “anti-corruption agency”- NO

3. Stella Oduah will finally get to clear her corruption records that has been pending for years in EFCC

4. Buruji Kasha…WOW. Let’s just say, allegedly, he is a drug kingpin. A senator that can’t even go and shop in the U.S, “Is that one a Senator?”

For the above reasons and more, If Alhaji Atiku’s wish is granted , it is time to sell Nigeria to the highest bidder. The country will no longer be valuable to the masses. The times we would live in, would be far worse than when Jonathan and his goons distributed cash like it was pure water

It is no wonder your presidential ambition is not taken seriously…we can see through you, kind sir!


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