Banky W and Adesua Etomi are Engaged. This is not A Movie

0 May 03, 2017 By Dang


I was working when I heard this news. My friend who knew Banky and I had a past, called me to tell me. I stopped for a minute, checked to see it was true and then I asked my colleague “What is this life?” “It is just a pot of beans, and not even Ewa Aganyin” I answered myself before he could say anything

Banky is such a player! Men are scums! All that virtual relationship we had, all the while he was scoping someone else? Adesua and I look alike though, no, seriously. the only difference is I’m not yellow, I don’t have a gap tooth and I don’t have natural hair. It’s all my fault, I was posing, I should have slid into his DM


What will I do now? Banks is gone, RMD is gone… It’s time for me to focus on real people in real life. It’s too hard. So harddddd. My heart is broken, I need champagne (I only drink Rosè) to wash away this pain

When a man knows what he wants, he goes after it, and keeps pushing until he gets it. Girls I hope you can see, all those chocomilo boys that try for one/two weeks and complain to their friends that you’re posing; here is Banky, who could have had any girl he wanted but focused on this one because he knew he had found what he wanted. He waited a year and a half y’all. A man who think’s you’re worth it will not give up at the slightest chance, that kind of man is the only one that’s worth it.

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Congratulations Banky and Adesua. The Bible says we should pray for our enemies. So I pray this union brings absolute joy and progress for both of you. I’m a die hard romantic, so this made me super happy


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