Today, I Met kemi Adetiba

0 April 30, 2017 By Dang

Kemi Adetiba is the director of the critically acclaimed, blockbuster movie, “The Wedding Party”. This was her movie directorial debut and the movie made over N400Million. I am a huge fan and I am super proud of her achievements

Before I left the house today, everything in me told me to put myself together nicely. I told myself, “Nah. I’m just going down the road to make my nails, no big deal”. This is what I did: splashed on a ton of sunscreen, plastered on my sunglasses, stepped into a loungewear and brushed my already rough weaving. My mind said “wear a wig, what if you meet someone you know”. I really wasn’t in the mood

Off I went to make my nails. During the general salon talk, I bragged about not being a groupie. I told everyone I never jump or scream at celebrities because I do not want to be disrespected…Bla bla bla. However, on my way to my out, guess who I saw at the car park? Kemi Adetiba!

The first thought that came to mind was, I know this person. Then I saw the king woman t-shirt and screamed… “Oh my goodness it’s Kemi Adetiba”. First, I danced on the spot and then hugged her like we were long lost friends,I pulled back, looked at her again, hugged her again while still screaming “it’s Kemi Adetibaaaa”. She was so gracious, hugged me back and said “It is nice to meet you too”. After I let her go, I danced on the spot again. I was so happy

So, I told her my name and said, this is Diary of a naija girl. She said “Nooooooo, are you serious?” And then she hugged me again. She looked slimmer than her pictures and more beautiful. I don’t waste opportunities at all, so I asked her to have a chat with me when she’s available. She agreed to it. She didn’t refer me to her PR, she didn’t give me an email address, she gave me ALL her phone numbers and even typed it in herself!

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Then she went on her way. While driving off, she said “ So nice to meet you”. That was when I saw myself through her window. Good Lord! I looked a mess Why didn’t I listen to my inner voice today? Dear Kemi Adetiba, if you get to read this, what you saw today was NOT my real face. Please give me another chance to make this right! I beg you
All the while, my nail technician, who saw me off to the car was watching. When kemi left, he said “I thought you said you didn’t scream and jump at celebrities”. I smirked at him, gave him a slap on the head and said in feigned anger “will you keep kwayet?!”


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