“What If I Didn’t Wait?”- ASA

2 April 29, 2017 By Dang

“While I was student in France, I wanted any chance to perform, to open shows for artists…Any chance at all to sing. I heard about this Grammy nominated group who were in town and found my way to audition for them. When I got to where they were rehearsing, I was asked to wait. It was cold, coming from Lagos, I didn’t pack any warm clothing

I ended up waiting for 10 hours

They had almost forgotten about me and were already packing up when I was called to show what I could do. I poured all the anger and frustrations of waiting into that audition. They liked it and asked me to come open their show for them the next day, it was a two minute slot

After my two minutes performance, I got signed. I later heard there were 5 record labels fighting to sign me that day…

What if I didn’t wait?” – ASA

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