Finding Diamonds in the Rubble: The Story of Elikem and Pokello

Photo credit: Elikem Kumodje 1 January 27, 2017 By Dang

I remember Elikem and Pokelo when they were both on Big Brother Africa. Elikem was a struggling tailor while Pokello was a boss lady, owned her own premium shoe store and was from a rich home. It didn’t look like there was a chance on earth she would agree to date him

Fast forward to after the show, Pokello the boss lady and Elikem took their relationship to another level. What intrigued me was the way she supported him 100%. She modelled his clothes, spent a lot of her time in Ghana to support his work and advertised him to the whole world. She said it on her page overtime, how much she believed in Elikem and how they were a team going places.

Even though a blind man couldn’t see them, nor could a deaf man hear them communicate, Pokello’s energy, firm support and confidence in her man oozed like a force; you could not deny it

Today they are married with a kid and Elikem keeps saying he has never met a woman this awesome. She didn’t ignore her business while she catered to his, she owned her individuality and was still part of a two man team. She now says it jokingly “I was there when he had nothing, look at us now”. Even though I feel this may not be 100% a joke, she has every right to brag

Ladies, there’s a fullness and fulfilment when we see the future with our man. A man who is hardworking, has his goals set, already making moves to better his life should not be seen as hopeless. The power of support a woman gives a “worthy” man cannot be over estimated. Getting in while things have already worked out is okay, but getting in while things are on the verge of working out is fine too

Do it whole heartedly, even though women have become cynical, I sure hope we have not lost our ability to see diamonds in the rubble


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  1. SOCHI jenny

    The problem with supporting men in nigeria is, most men tend to change when they have the money. They will totally forget those days you were there for him and you will become “not his class”. Money brings out the worst in people. So it’s quite a dicy thing to do. They start to cheat and choose other girls over you. I am speaking from experience. I wouldn’t blame women that do not support men anymore. This kinda story is rare and she is lucky…..



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