IGP Idris Abandons Primary Duties, Leads Police Delegation To Visit President Buhari In The UK – Ayoola Ajayi

Photo credit: Vanguard 0 January 26, 2017 By Dang

IGP Idris Abandons Primary Duties, Leads Police Delegation To Visit President Buhari In The UK

Do you know that smile? The one that spreads across your visage when you’re mad at someone and they have no clue, and you’re just inspecting them and looking for where to plug a dagger in their body, but that one strand of kindness in you is holding you back? That’s the smile I have on my face right now

I have read the above headline ten times and over and that smile hasn’t failed to take my face once. Just when we thought the photo of our president lounging with his legs on a centerpiece, watching ‘Channels TV’ (keeping up with goings on) is the most embarrassing thing we will see this month, this surfaced

Our president is in the UK, leaving his people here in Nigeria, wailing, crying, toiling, and struggling

My friend was so optimistic in 2014 and 2015, about this man. He was so convinced our messiah had come. Ah! He looked at the rest of us like the man who doubted the end of that famine in the bible and didn’t get to eat of the fruit of the land when they were harvested. I kept saying to him “Kayode, I am not convinced at all about any of these same set of people that keep revolving around power for years. I will not vote. I can live with the shame of not being a part of the solution, but the guilt of being a part of those who created the problem is something that will continue to haunt me”. Now, I hate to say I told him so, but I did tell him so, didn’t I?

It worries me, a lot, that we may never progress from this deplorable situation we have found ourselves. If you are leading a people, you should carry them along, and let them be in the know at all times. We all want the same thing – a better Nigeria. However, we are clueless. We don’t know what our president is up to, but we definitely know all the itinerary of his travels

“IGP Ibrahim Idris leads police delegation to visit Buhari in London”. To do what? To escort him back home? Or is UK the permanent resident of our president that a whole Police head had to go visit him?

Mr. President, are you planning on coming back at all? It is almost two years sir, we haven’t seen any progress. We are weary. We are tired. What more, your actions and that of your cohorts aggravates our worry

Which way Nigeria?


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