Cobhams Asuquo: The Gift of Blindness

Photo credit: Infonubia 2 January 14, 2017 By Dang

Cobhams Asuquo is a born blind Award winning Nigerian musician, producer, and songwriter. He is also the CEO and head of productions of Cobhams Asuquo Music Productions (Camp). He is known for producing songs for some of the finest artists in Nigeria- Asa, Timidakolo, Dare Art Alade, Omawumi, Bez Idakuka (Please google him for detailed information)

I met Cobhams Asuquo some 8 years ago. He came to perform in my church and as soon as he was done, I rushed to the exit so I could say hello and ask him some questions. When he walked past me, I could only stare, my feet wouldn’t move and my jaws became temporarily locked

I’ll admit I was star struck, and very attracted to him (he is cute) or maybe the idea of him and his talent. I watched him as he got in an animated but jovial conversation with the guy he was with and I said to him from my mind “I love you” “how do you do it” “how much limit does your lack of sight place on you?”

“It’s assumed there are many things you can’t do because you’re blind. And so, for me I had to prove that there are many things I can do because I’m blind, and that there are many things I have done because I’m blind.”- COBHAMS ASUQUO

Being blind has not set a limit to what he can or cannot do. We have excuses all day everyday as to why we can’t succeed, why we pause our dreams or why we can’t make extra effort in being the best we can be where we are

“I just believe that everything depends on everything and so whenever I have an opportunity I give it my VERY BEST shot.”- COBHAM ASUQUOTWEET THIS QOUTE

Let’s take a que from Cobhams, find the ability in our disabilities, focus more on why we can succeed than why we cannot and live our lives like THERE ARE NO LIMITATIONS!


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