Kokoro, Mr fake Accent and I

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This is the story of “kokoro”. You may be too crème to know what this is, I can’t really help you. Google it

Sometime this week I walked into Ghana High (A local restaurant in Lagos Island) looking “splufik”. I was ordering for take home beans and plantain when I heard someone shout my name excitedly; It was my ex colleague. We were quite chummy at my former work place so I was excited to see him too. After we exchanged pleasantries, he introduced me to Emeka, his friend who he brought to the restaurant for the first time. Emeka said he wanted to know what the fuss about Ghana High was

Emeka had an American accent and looked like Tyrese. In my mind I said “niceeeeeeeee”. We all chatted a little but I really had to go so Emeka took my number and asked if I would like to hang out sometime

On my way out I saw this Kokoro at a stand right at the exit. I stopped in my tracks, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve not had this in over 15years. Anyway I had not even paid for the Kokoro before I whipped one out and started chewing like a local “somebothy”. This was how Emeka and my ex colleague found me. Funny thing is I didn’t think anything of it. Emeka in his American accent said “that looks gross”. Shuo!!! The Kokoro I bought with my own money? What is this life? I managed to explain to him what it was and he said “I just never imagined catching you outside here eating something like that”

Fast forward to lunch with Emeka two days later, I learned he was on holiday from work. I asked him how long he’s been working at the IOC, he said 8 years but he just moved to Austin, Texas 14months ago. Alarm bells went off! Eskis sir, moved to Austin from where? He said “From PortHarcourt”. Wait! Hollup! So where did all that American accent come from? ” I was accused of eating kokoro in public but you already have a full Fledged American accent in 14months?” I said this while laughing out loud

Emeka didn’t like my tone. His mood changed drastically and we finished our meal in silence. Good riddance anyway, I later learnt Mr Fake accent is married. That’s that about that. My kokoro wins!


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  1. Anonymous

    Yaaasss, Kokoro for the win. I don’t know what is wrong with people these days. Judging someone because of what they eat? Really? The stomach and taste buds want what they want.



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