When I Become A Grandmother: Zero Chill Zone

Photo credit: Osborne Macharai 0 November 21, 2016 By Dang

I’ve always wondered the kind of person I would be as a grandma. I know I’ll be the hot cool forever young grandma. Still following fashion trends and moving with the times

Due to experience, I’ll know wether a guy is serious with my grand daughter or not. She had better trust me because I’ll know what I’m talking about. I will be too happy to look down my nose at the young ones though, shaking my head saying “In our days when I was in town, things were not like this…”

I really don’t like gossip but I won’t mind sitting with my friends, with a bottle of wine, judging young People. What else is there to do than pass judgement on their poor judgment? That would be fun

Ofcourse I’ll spoil my grand children rotten and use a walking stick even when I don’t need one just so I can have a permanent cane nearby for a quick tap or two on their skull when they misbehave. After that, I sneak them cookies

Just blurting out everything in my head without fear of getting told off would be great too. Imagine seeing someone like Timaya at the airport and telling him straight to his face “my son, why are your pants so tight?” And Timaya would look really embarrassed and ashamed of himself. That would give me so much joy

My grandma days will definitely be lit


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