It’s Time to Get Serious About Money

0 October 26, 2016 By Dang

I know some of you would rather pack your suitcase and move to Timbuktu than discuss your money management skills. Me too, sometimes. Especially when my accountant says its time to file for taxes. I get so mad at him like he has done something wrong, I even stop picking his calls

“Why tax? Leave me alone”. And he says, “Lets just do it once and for all” This even makes me more angry “Is it your money? Why won’t you talk anyhow?” The poor guy has done nothing wrong, but this is money we’re talking about… So yes, I understand when people don’t want to discuss money or how to spend it

But, I love you guys. A wealth building plan will only make our lives better. It is a hard process but we have to make the effort to live the life of our dreams, one plan at a time

The thing is, there is nothing new to learn about money, we just need to keep reminding one another on what to do. Here are quick bullet points so you won’t get bored and pack your things for that timbuktu trip

•Get rid of debt.
•Save. ( Start now. No amount is too small)
•Find ways to earn more.
•Live below your means.
•Set money goals (This creates some excitement and keeps you focused)
•Hang out with ambitious people.
•Change your money mindset. (Money is not king, YOU ARE. So control it)
•Put money aside for your continuous education (Investment in knowledge pays the best interest rates)
•Start saying no to people who take advantage of you and don’t have proper spending skills
•Give to a cause (No one ever became poor from giving)

If you don’t get serious about your money, you will never have serious money


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