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Building wealth as an employee

It’s Time to Get Serious About Money

I know some of you would rather pack your suitcase and move to Timbuktu than discuss your money management skills. Me too, sometimes. Especially when my accountant says its time to file for taxes. I get so mad at him like he has done something wrong, I even stop picking his calls

“Why tax? Leave me alone”. And he says, “Lets just do it once and for all” This even makes me more angry “Is it your money? Why won’t you talk anyhow?” The poor guy has done nothing wrong, but this is money we’re talking about… So yes, I understand when people don’t want to discuss money or how to spend it

But, I love you guys. A wealth building plan will only make our lives better. It is a hard process but we have to make the effort to live the life of our dreams, one plan at a time

The thing is, there is nothing new to learn about money, we just need to keep reminding one another on what to do. Here are quick bullet points so you won’t get bored and pack your things for that timbuktu trip

•Get rid of debt.
•Save. ( Start now. No amount is too small)
•Find ways to earn more.
•Live below your means.
•Set money goals (This creates some excitement and keeps you focused)
•Hang out with ambitious people.
•Change your money mindset. (Money is not king, YOU ARE. So control it)
•Put money aside for your continuous education (Investment in knowledge pays the best interest rates)
•Start saying no to people who take advantage of you and don’t have proper spending skills
•Give to a cause (No one ever became poor from giving)

If you don’t get serious about your money, you will never have serious money

Why Letting Go of “The One” is Okay

Sometime this year I let go of the one person I thought was “the one”. The one I had a strong conviction about, maybe because he did all the right things and made me think it was time to breathe a sigh of relief. I was already loving the fact that I was never going to have to live through another awful first date

I have never been afraid of work, so this applies to the effort I put in my relationships. Even though my spirit may be weary and my emotions drained, I drag myself up, find the strength to try and make things work out. However, I also know that relationships are also meant to be your breath of fresh air in the craziness that is life. When you’re having an awful day at work, a family member is driving you crazy or your best friend is acting up, your significant other is supposed to be the person that is there to give you a hug. Aside from God, he should also be your resting place. They are not meant to add additional stress to your already stressful life

Compromise: If you are in a relationship where the person only cares about themselves and their needs, run. Run fast. If they are all about themselves now, imagine how they’ll be when shit hits the fan and you have a mortgage, two cars and three babies that all depend on you. In a successful relationship there will be times when they are the focus, there will be times when you are the focus, and there will be times when the focus is split evenly. You are each others rock, but one person can only remain the rock for so long before the weight ultimately ends up crushing you; rendering you useless to them and to yourself

So I made a decision, and let go. It was clear what I needed to do but the aftermath was very painful…the kind of pain I as a writer was not able to express in words. But me being a naturally happy person with help from friends and family, was able to override the pain

I am more convinced now, wether it be my 1st or my 4th, kissing the frogs before finding the prince isn’t something to be ashamed about. Just like everything I set my heart to, I will never give up on love. Thankfully, we all get more than one shot

Solange Knowles: Out of Beyonce’s Shadow, Straight to the Number One Spot

A Seat at the Table”, Solange’s 3rd Album is one of the raving albums right now. And the only one out of the three that has reached Number 1 spots on music charts and gained critical acclaim all over the world

Everyone saw Solange as Beyonce’s sister, It is not surprising that no one took her or her previous albums seriously. At a time, she was even called In-authenic

In the past 8 years since her last album came out, She could have changed her style of music to suit the world, but she remained unapologetically original, even when it was not generally acceptable by the world . She could have also given up and left music after the 2nd album and focused on her other talents (Photography and Fashion) but she stayed put

When you have a dream and it is crystal clear in your mind, mumblings from the world will not derail you

It is not America or the world that was not ready for Solange, the albums she’s released previously and her experience has brought her to where she is today. It was a journey she had to travel to get to the number one seat at the world stage, where she has worked hard to attain, where people said she didn’t deserve to be

“I always knew that being 100% wholeheartedly me was going to pay off” – Solange Knowles