Watch Governor Adams Oshiomhole “Tap dance” it out at the APC Mega Rally in Benin

0 September 25, 2016 By Dang

Whoever felt bad for Governor Oshiomole’s wife, Lara, when they got married assuming she was marrying an old man with no vigour/energy, this is the time for you to send her your sincere apologies

Look at how this 64 year old man is jumping around without effort, except of course he was high on whatever traditional alcohol mixture is popular in Edo state

The only way you’ll know he’s old is when he did the “swoh” (you guys remember that song, “I am a danfo driver swoh, shebi you be danfo driver swoh”) Your excellency Sir, let swoh stay back in the 90s. Please come back to 2016 with everyone. Also I know you want your party to win this election but you sure you want to break your old back in the process?

Did you see where his wife held him back from misbehaving? She tried to be a supportive wife by dancing along with him but when she saw that Oga was doing too much and his back may be in danger, she gave him the warning only a woman can give her husband (gently placed her hand on his shoulder, silently saying,“Enough!”) . Notice how his “swoh” immediately slowed down to old man tap dance? Hehehehe

Like Falzthebahdguy would say , “Wehdun sir!”. Can we have whatever you’re having? I for one would like to remain forever young…especially in stamina

Video: Channelstv


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