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Watch Governor Adams Oshiomhole “Tap dance” it out at the APC Mega Rally in Benin

Whoever felt bad for Governor Oshiomole’s wife, Lara, when they got married assuming she was marrying an old man with no vigour/energy, this is the time for you to send her your sincere apologies

Look at how this 64 year old man is jumping around without effort, except of course he was high on whatever traditional alcohol mixture is popular in Edo state

The only way you’ll know he’s old is when he did the “swoh” (you guys remember that song, “I am a danfo driver swoh, shebi you be danfo driver swoh”) Your excellency Sir, let swoh stay back in the 90s. Please come back to 2016 with everyone. Also I know you want your party to win this election but you sure you want to break your old back in the process?

Did you see where his wife held him back from misbehaving? She tried to be a supportive wife by dancing along with him but when she saw that Oga was doing too much and his back may be in danger, she gave him the warning only a woman can give her husband (gently placed her hand on his shoulder, silently saying,“Enough!”) . Notice how his “swoh” immediately slowed down to old man tap dance? Hehehehe

Like Falzthebahdguy would say , “Wehdun sir!”. Can we have whatever you’re having? I for one would like to remain forever young…especially in stamina

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Nice Girl

Don’t Be That Girl: Over 30, Single, Desperate and Worried

This woman, we know her, we are her, or like me, we were that girl. This is the woman who is continuosly obsessed with trying to find a man or CONSTANTLY sad about not having one. So she becomes desperate, settles or gets overwhelmed with sadness because she’s so consumed thinking about what is not happening in her life instead of what is happening

To be honest, for me, unless you need to be married to please people or the society, there really isn’t a good reason to worry about being single. Life is very interesting when we pay attention and make the effort to live deliberately

There is a particular scent to desperate women, people with healthy emotional state quickly get put off by it. You don’t want to be that woman with the desperate vibe…trust me

This immense sadness you feel, can be turned into self love, fulfilment and inner peace if you focus your energy on being a happy person, living life for yourself, helping others and genuinely enjoying the company of friends and people you have things in common with. You have to start whatever it is you’ve been procrastinating on…you deserve to experience life fully by yourself too

At some point you’ll meet someone potentially worth marrying, but don’t be fooled to think that you might be a happier, more fulfilled person just because you checked “Married” on your list. Living your single life to the fullest, makes you completely ready to give a worthy partner all of your commitment and love

If you are reading this and you are that friend, sister, brother, uncle and or aunty putting pressure on women to go get married, you need to cool it. If you find someone you think they can be compatible with, hook them up, if not, exercise patience and enjoy life with them

I saw this somewhere and wrote it down …“Listen, when I was a little girl, I used to spend hours looking for ladybugs. Finally, I’d just give up and fall asleep in the grass. when I woke up, they were crawling all over me.”

I pray that one day, we’ll share one another’s wonderful love story…

Why You Should Start Your Own Business Today

I know it may be scary to want to start your own business. However, a lot of people are tired of the rat race but fear what may be out there waiting for them if they set out on their own. This post is to remind you of the benefits (Just a few benefits from many) of doing your own thing, gainfully employed or not

1. Freedom: Your time now belongs to you. To do with whatever you please especially designing your own destiny/ prosperity. Now it is all up to you who you work with, what time you get home and how much time you have to spend with your family

2. There is no more limit to how much money you CAN MAKE: Investing in yourself pays the best interest: There is no better time to do this and no one can spend your money better than you. There is far greater opportunity to make (more) money by building your own business than by working for someone else’s. If you work your heart out, especially at something you love doing, there is no doubt that in time, your success will be immeasurable

3. Your idea is secure:If you do not start now, the longer you wait for the right time, the more chances there are that someone will take up that wonderful idea of yours and run with it. Not only run with it but effectively launch it and make profit

4. I urge you to take a leap of faith in yourself and just do it. You can always get money back but you can never get your time back. So follow your dream. Don’t waste any more time. If you succeed, you will be rich and happy. If you fail, well, at least you’ll become smarter…and then you can do better next time

Surviving The recession

1. You need to get a grip! Don’t get paranoid like everyone and assume the world is falling apart just because you have an irresponsible government. Take a deep breath, don’t buy into the nagativity , then start thinking rationally and calmly. You’ll begin to see opportunities where others don’t. The more positive thinking you are, the more positive opportunities you get

2. Aside from your regular 8-to-5, take on a part-time job in order to boost your income. It is time to turn your knowledge or hobby into a money making venture. For example, if you are an accountant, you can teach secondary school kids accounting on weekends. Parents will take you over any regular lesson teacher any day because they feel the value is higher at the same time they are paying less. The more students you teach, the more money you make. If you like to cook, have cooking lessons for kids/ teenagers on weekends. Their parents will be happy to have them out of their hair for a while

3. At this time, people have become more sensitive to what they receive for their cash. If it’s not adding extra value, People are willing to do away with it. So whatever you do, as much as you can, maintain your value and drop your prices. In a recession, half is better than none

4. If you have cash now, invest in things that’ll generate daily/ monthly cash flow. Like car wash, Gas retailing, buy a house to rent, buy high tech cameras and props to rent out for movies or music videos…

5. To save money on food, start growing your own food in your back yard, abandoned lands, family owned lands, etc

6. I cannot say this enough, live within (if necessary below) your means. Check for sales, buy old season clothes, watch your electricity usage, stop paying for Aso -Ebi , stop borrowing cash to people who have a habit of not returning

Guys, This is not the time to speak big big grammar and be proud. Make new friends, latch on to opportunities when you see them and most importantly, track your finances. START NOW…PLEASE

Mark Zuckerberg Is Back In Nigeria!!!

Welcome back to Nigeria. I slipped into a slight depression the first time you came. First because of how you slipped in and humbly walked around the streets of Yaba without fuss. Trust me a Nigerian Billionaire in Naira would not have done that. Also you reminded me I wasn’t a billionaire in Naira yet, not to talk of dollars, it wasn’t a good feeling.

But moving on, I’m glad you’re back here so the naysayers in Kenya will know we are still the giant of Africa. Please don’t take a second trip back there, so it will be Nigeria 2-Kenya 1. We need to “At least” win this competition.

You look almost Unrecognizable in that suit and tie, why did you have to do that? When you had the Global Entrepreneurship Summit with Obama in June, you were wearing your usual tshirt and denim. Only 2 days in Nigeria you have join -I must impress with my Christmas clothe – gang?

Quick one, did you meet the Minister of ICT? He is an old man called Mr. Adebayo Shittu. Please extend your hand of charity to him and teach him how to use a computer and Internet effectively. He seems stuck in the 80s.

Lastly, do you have any $10million (TEN MILLION DOLLARS) you’re not using? I need help, I’m a motherless child.

Mark, do you have any $10million (TEN MILLION DOLLARS) you’re not using? I need help, I’m a motherless child.TWEET THIS QOUTE

From Selling Akara to Owning a Bakery and Building Her Own House: Iya Noah

My name is Iya Noah. This Akara I’m selling I’ve been doing it for 15years. I sell to motor parks for people that are traveling or going to work. I’m the king of Akara seller here o. Because I am the first to get here everyday. 12.30am I am awake washing my beans and grinding it. 3am I am here already. So when my competitors get here, I have finished selling
DANG: After 15years when do you want to stop and use your money to do other things?
Iya Noah: Why should I stop? I have built my house and I have a bakery from frying this Akara. My husband is running it. I won’t stop until I cannot fry Akara anymore