Beware of Fine Boys

Photo credit: Capitalfmkenya 1 August 31, 2016 By Dang

Let me tell you…don’t ever see a fine boy and assume all is well with him. I found out a hard way yesterday

I was on my way up the elevator to see my client but as soon I sighted a fine boy looking all manner of gooooddd rushing towards me shouting “Hold it please”. I quickly held the elevator

Normally I’m very wicked when it comes to these things because I like to take elevator selfie which means I have to be alone so when someone asks me to hold the elevator, I pretend to hold it then smile apologetically

Anyway Mr. fine, tall and dark got in the elevator with me. I restructured my face into a nice smile and looked ahead. Then he said “Hi”. I perceived it but my brain was not having it. I said “helleouwww” (that’s how we pronounce it when we’re talking to a fine boy) He then said “Who are you going to see on the 5th floor?”…

It was as if I was hit in the face with a bout of decomposed fish. Gosh! I went mute immediately. Excuse sir, does your mouth harbour all sort of weapons of mass destruction? His bad breath was like no other. I turned away from him as I held my breath till we got to the 5th floor…

I’m writing this to pre-warn that Ninja BankyW. When the day finally comes that we meet, I hope all will be well cavity wise. I won’t give you another chance o …ehen!


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